Water Bottle Brands Are Beefing Online, Plus More Internet Things That Happened This Week

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I always imagined one day there would be water wars but more in an "apocalypse way" than in a "water bottle beef" way. Alas, here we are: Hydro Flask throwing shade at Stanley cups on TikTok.


The whole thing started when a report about lead in Stanley's manufacturing process shocked Stan stans and caused rival water bottle companies to make shady statements. Even Owala created a "lead free" highlight on their Instagram 👀.

a screenshot of owala's lead-free statement

Stanley cups haven't responded...yet.

Twitter: @RyanJamesDee

In cuter news, a TikTok trend featuring cursing kids is one of the best things to happen to the internet...basically ever.

Basically, parents tell kids the bathroom is a "safe space" for bad words, then leave them alone to record what they say. And the results? Well, they're simply hilarious.

Seriously, who does this little girl have beef with?!

Lastly, we have this *terrifying* viral story about a woman who was sent to the hospital thanks to an exploding kombucha in her fridge.

Yes, like THIS kind of kombucha.

  Target / Via target.com

Turns out, if you leave a bottle of the bubbly booch for too long, it might explode at the slightest touch. So, um, don't do that!

Moving on from that scarring (literally) visual, let's see what fun content the internet has created for us this week!

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Kathy Hoang/BuzzFeed

Don't: Let a raccoon distract you from your job.

Leave: Him speechless.

Twitter: @whotfisjovana

Always: Be prepared for anything.

Twitter: @xanathgum

Be: *This* level of nosy.

Twitter: @lemonpepperwing

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