'How can someone be that dumb or vain?': Social media blasts wedding guest for wearing white to sister-in-law's wedding

Elizabeth Di Filippo
Image via Reddit.
Image via Reddit.

A blushing bride was seeing red after her sister-in-law broke one of the most important rules of wedding etiquette by wearing white to her wedding.

An anonymous bride took to social media in a now-viral post weeks before her wedding to ask Reddit users whether she had the right to be upset that her future sister-in-law wanted to wear a lacy white dress to her wedding.

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The unnamed bride uploaded a photo of a similar dress that she found on her mother-in-law’s phone, adding that the sister-in-law refused to show her the photo herself.

A photo of the sister-in-law's dress. Image via Reddit.
A photo of the sister-in-law's dress. Image via Reddit.

“I don’t know what it is but it looks like like they’re either jealous or just sabotaging the wedding,” the bride wrote. “We’ve had no problems in the past...This is just a tiny part of a long list [of issues]. Wearing white with lace is just an a-hole move.”

While the bride worried that the dress was an “intentional” move from her soon to be sister-in-law, she added that she was willing to overlook the issue to avoid an argument with her in-laws.

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“If she wore the dress in blush I really wouldn’t care,” she insisted. “Even if it’s just a white cocktail dress I wouldn’t mind. It’s the combination of white and lace...”

The popular post was followed up with an update from the wedding, with the bride sharing a photo of herself and her new sister-in-law who was wearing the white lacy dress.

Image via Reddit.
Image via Reddit.

“How can someone be that dumb or vain?” a Reddit user wrote of the rule-breaking sister-in-law.

“Why did she think it was okay to wear white to your wedding?” another added.

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Many felt as though the unmarried woman was “hijacking the wedding to feel like the bride” and suggested an intervention (using red wine) at the wedding to call the woman out for her lack of etiquette. Others advised taking a slightly more subtle approach.

“Let her embarrass herself,” one user advised of the “trashy” guest. “Everybody is looking at her and thinking she’s an a**hole for doing this.”

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