7 amazing outdoor adventures to do this weekend

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Summer has finally arrived — and Canadians are counting down to the weekends. Whether you’re looking forward to a weekend roadtrip with your family, a fun day spent hiking, or simply kicking back in your backyard oasis, Everything Awaits you at Canadian Tire.

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

Canadian summers call for plenty of outdoor adventures — no matter how big or small.

After months of snow, sleet, rain, wind — and just about every other unsavoury weather condition you can imagine — summer in Canada is all about getting outdoors and experiencing everything our beautiful country has to offer. After months spent inside, now is the perfect chance to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature.

Spending time outdoors this summer is not only a great way to make memories with loved ones, but an easy way to invest in your health and well being. Aside from being an easy (and affordable) way to exercise, being outside helps boost energy levels and improve your mental health and ability to focus and can also enhance your creativity.

We’ve gathered some fun outdoor activities to help inspire you and your family to make the most of your summer weekends - plus everything you need to help make them a reality!

Into the woods

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

Hiking is one of the easiest (and most affordable!) ways to exercise and explore nature as a family. With a wide variety of trails available across Canada, you can choose a distance and intensity that suits you and the rest of your party. All you need to do is conduct a little research before you head for the hills to help ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your day.

No matter where you go, one thing’s for sure: having the proper footwear is key. A quality pair of hiking boots can help prevent slips and falls by providing proper traction. Outbound offers hiking boots for women, men, boys and girls, that provide enough support and durability to handle any terrain.

A lightweight and water-resistant backpack helps you keep everything you need, like bug spray, change of socks, sunscreen and snacks, on hand for your next adventure. While it’s important to carry fluids for your hike, a hydration pack can help you easily carry up to 1.5 litres of water comfortably on your trek.

And of course, hiking poles are a must — especially for uneven terrain. Whether you're looking for anti-shock trekking poles or a pair of foldable walking sticks, Canadian Tire has lots of options to choose from. 

Blaze a trail

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

ATVs are a fun summer activity for those looking to blow off some steam and conquer the terrain. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or simply can’t get enough of the outdoors, ATVs are perfect for those looking to explore beyond the beaten path. Before you head out for a ride, you’ll want to outfit your quad with the proper accessories to stay safe.

First and foremost, make sure to check safety rules and regulations for your region. Laws around ATVs vary by province, so you'll need to be familiar with local regulations before heading out. While most provinces require drivers to be 16, there are some situations where younger drivers can legally operate an ATV — but there are several factors at play. To be safe (and legal), make sure you spend a good amount of time getting acquainted with any laws and trainings required in your region.

Helmets are a must-have whenever you ride — and they're also required by law for riders in every province and territory. Even the most experienced riders should protect themselves with an off-road or motocross helmet, like the Raider Motorcross Riding Helmet Kit, that provides the proper cushioning and protection around the base of the skull and ears, and cover your chin and mouth. In addition to a helmet, you should be wearing protective clothing, like goggles, boots (never wear open-toe shoes while off-roading) as well as long pants and long-sleeve shirt - no matter how experienced of a rider you are.

Outfitting your quad with a Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag provides extra storage to hold essentials like beverages, tool kit and first aid kits, a tow strap and air pumps and tire plugs that can help you should a break-down or accident occur.

Since off-roading can be a costly investment, you’ll want to ensure your ATV is protected during the off-season and while in transit, with a durable cover like the Tripel Premium Large Trailerable ATV Cover.

Need any other gear or accessories? Canadian Tire has you covered with a wide assortment of helmets, parts, exterior accessories, covers and more. Check out their entire selection here

Gently down the stream

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

One of the best ways to celebrate summer is by suiting up and hitting the water — and there are so many things to do beyond just swimming.

Kayaking is a great way to stay fit while exploring a nearby lake, river or ocean. Whether you’re looking for some quiet alone time or traversing the waters with family, kayaking is a fun and easy way to soak up the summer sun. A High-Density Polyethylene kayak is a great option. A top pick is the Pelican Alliance 136T Tandem Kayak, 14-ft, which has the TESTED badge — meaning it's been put to the test by real Canadians like you. For a more affordable option, something like the Outbound Inflatable Kayak, will still offer endless hours of summer fun and adventure.

If you’re looking for a more challenging way to enjoy the water, give paddle boarding a try. Stand-up paddle boarding works your core muscles, legs and arms and improves balance all while having fun. An inflatable paddle board, like the Hydro-Force Aqua Journey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, is perfect for packing for summer road trips to the cottage and easy to carry and store - especially where space is limited.

Make a splash

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

Let’s face it: It can be hard to keep kids entertained in the summer. Introducing the floating water mat. A floating water mat sets the scene for endless hours of contests and races that will have the whole family entertained. The large, heavy-duty mats can be attached to your dock or boat and hold up to 1,300 lbs of weight (when distributed evenly).

After hours of play, a floating island is a great way to catch some rays, catch-up with friends and enjoy a little rest and relaxation on the water. Depending on the size of your party, a four person or six person party island offers you the chance to chill out with friends and relax in style on a puncture-resistant floaty with built-in cup holders.

Summer is finally here — and Canadian Tire and Yahoo are helping you take advantage of every single moment. From weekend camping and roadtrip must-haves to tips on how to make your backyard the ultimate oasis, Everything Awaits you at Canadian Tire.

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