Weekly horoscope: 18th September to 24th 2023

Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank


You might recognise a blind spot which needs resolving this week before it becomes a no-go area. Being vigilant whilst the Sun remains in forensic Virgo is a must and offers up a sense of accomplishment. You are never one to shy away from ‘doing the work’ and in this instance picking up greater traction and reward.


A situation needs a lot of understanding and acceptance which requires a good deal of emotional intelligence. You tend to hold on rather than let go long past a time when others would have given up. In this case, it’s not a case of win/love but transcending the issue and discovering your inner power.


There seems to be a loose connection and the more you pick at it, the more it unravels. In which case leaving it be and focusing your attention on what you can control would be more satisfying. After all, you can’t control everything and some things need time to resolve themselves.


Your bottomless capacity to intuit other people’s emotional needs is your super-power. You even understand them better than they understand themselves which is why they are drawn to you when they feel lost. Being able to steer your own life whilst remaining compassionate is the best use of your resources for both parties.


The Leo star point in mid-August has set you on a new journey of self-discovery and self-worth which will unfold over the next nine months. So even if you’re travelling through the mists early in the week, you’ll emerge into high definition in record time. It’s actually a process which affirms your self-confidence.


It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a degree of confusion as the Sun in exacting Virgo passes in opposition to the vague and distorting effects of Neptune. Letting go of the need to know everything releases the tension as some things simply require time. You’ll be surprised at how they re-calibrate to form a new chapter.


Being ghosted by circumstances can be just as mystifying as any interpersonal dynamics. If you find yourself in a limbo land where things don’t add up it’s because no answer is available at the moment. Carry on with what you do best, amping up your social skills and maintaining an equable demeanour. The right people will find you.


Neptune’s blurry influence makes it hard to read a particular person, so you need to go onintuition alone - which rarely fails you. However, as you’re on the brink of a powerfultransformation make sure that you don’t lose power by attributing the outcome tosomeone else. You need to have faith in your own personal magnetism.


Whilst you’re living in a state of flux don’t forget that this means you have lots of options available to you some of which are not even on the table yet. Having faith that things will work out is where you get your unerring positive energy. Maintain your belief that the universe works in mysterious ways which contain blessings in disguise.


You pride yourself on being able to create order out of chaos. Yet the current planetary picture is confounding even your powers of organisation. This is because there are too many unknowns and unquantifiables, not to mention those people who can’t make a decision. Within days you’ll witness a remarkably pleasing turn-around.


You can be quite good at hanging loose when the situation requires as you don’t have a tick-box mentality. Instead, you’ll regard an extra bit of time allowed as a reprieve rather than an irritation. This means you’ll be in a good position to bring something creative to the situation. An open mind is a wonderful thing.


Encountering your own sensitive spots this week exposes what’s still tender and possibly in need of healing. First and foremost, you can cut loose those people who ride rough-shod over your feelings. You do have the power to recover what you consider lost and are closer to that than you think.