Wellness influencer shares best way to properly sleep on your back if you don’t naturally sleep on your back

While there are a variety of popular sleeping positions, a wellness influencer on TikTok is sharing ways to optimize sleeping on your back, which can also have several benefits.

Jennifer Wilson, a licensed physical therapy assistant, (@sensefulwellness) started a series on her TikTok page explaining how people can sleep in positions that promote “neutral alignment” and why that can put less strain on your body.

“If you’ve seen my videos before, I go over a lot of positional techniques to encourage a more neutral alignment so we save our bodies unnecessary wear and tear,” she said while showing three different variations.

One of Wilson’s biggest tips is to sleep on your back with pillows underneath your knees or the lower back. She said that by doing this, you can prevent your body from rotating the legs out while sleeping, which can cause imbalances and put pressure on the joints.

This position might be new for many people. Only 38% of people naturally sleep on their back, so using pillows when sleeping can help them maintain a neutral spine. However, people who sleep on their back aren’t the only ones who can benefit from these tips — especially because some people don’t naturally sleep in that position.

“I can NEVER lay on my back to sleep. idk why but if I am flat on my back for more than a few mins the room starts spinning & I get nauseous,” replied @rubythat1.

“I get sleep paralysis on my back I can’t do it,” commented @lowkeykombuchaenthusiast.

For these people, sleeping on their side could be an option.

“Speaking about sleeping on the side, it’s not that it is inherently bad. Sleeping on your left side can offer advantages such as relief from sleep apnea and chronic lower back pain. However, improper alignment while side sleeping, like an awkward neck or spine position, can lead to problems like neck pain and back discomfort,” Dr. Danielle Kevas, chief medical advisor at Sleepline, told In the Know by Yahoo. “Placing a pillow between the knees while side sleeping can help keep the pelvis and spine in a neutral position.”

Wilson has posted videos in the past explaining how to optimize sleeping on your side.

Because people sleep in different positions, Wilson and other experts stress the importance of giving your body strong support no matter which way you decide to rest.

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