'We're in our 20s but live in the 1940s'

A close up of Liberty and Greg standing next to each other.
Liberty Avery and Greg Kirby say their love of the 40s has grown throughout their relationship [Zoe Dennis/BBC]

A couple in their 20s have decided to live their lives as if it were the 1940s.

Liberty Avery, 24, and Greg Kirby, 29, from Ditchingham in Norfolk, dress in traditional clothing every day and own vintage furniture from the era.

They go on 40s-themed holidays, own a 1942 American Jeep and, of course, dressed in 40s finery for their wedding day.

Mr Kirby said: "It's just a simple life, really."

"We tried to make our wedding as 40s as possible; traditional, as perhaps our grandparents would've done it," he added.

"They wouldn't have necessarily spent a huge amount, so we didn't, either."

The couple had a traditional church wedding, went to a pub for food and had a dance in the local village hall to celebrate.

They also spent a week in Brighton for their honeymoon.

The couple standing up in their lounge.
Their home is decorated with vintage furnishings [Zoe Dennis/BBC]

"The reaction to us when walking down the street is generally positive," Ms Avery said.

"We do get the odd joke but it's a nice way to meet people because people do approach us."

She admitted she was very shy growing up and felt people approaching her has helped.

The couple limit their time with technology as much as possible, playing board games in the evening and going to traditional dances at the weekend.

Ms Avery, a vintage dressmaker, also likes to bake using 1940s recipes and kitchenware from that period.

But she admitted they do occasionally take short breaks from the era.

"The old movies can be quite heavy, so Greg encourages us to watch something more recent now and again," she said.

The couple also conceded it was sometimes challenging to take care of delicate, old fabrics.

But Mr Kirby, a barber, said: "We find the clothes from that time period both comfortable and flattering.

"It means you're not just buying clothes for the season and throwing them away.

"We like to try and repair clothes, give it a new life and it looks just as good as 80 years ago."

They met when she was an apprentice at a hair salon and he walked in for an appointment.

Their love for the decade grew as their relationship blossomed.

"He hasn't been able to get rid of me since," she laughed.

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