If We're Being Honest, Kourtney Kardashian With a Blunt Mirco-Fringe Is *Thee* Vibe

The reality star and entrepreneur Kourtney Kardashian has been making headlines recently with her edgy punk-rock style, and her latest Instagram post revealing the perfect punk-rock micro-fringe for her vitamin and supplement brand Lemme is no exception.

In the post, Kourtney is seen sporting a fierce micro-bang in the second slide. The fringe stops just above her brow bone and highlights her XL spidery eyelashes and glossy red lipstick. As we're all aware, the star is expecting a baby boy with her hubby Travis Barker this upcoming fall, so we're not sure when the campaign photos were taken, but we're stanning the range of hairstyles seen throughout the slides, from a bubble ponytail adorned with colorful butterfly clips to a jet-black XL 28 inch "buss down." The looks are endless.

These swipes alone show how much she's grown with her beauty and comfort levels as they're full of creativity and expression that she's not typically known for. Maybe her sister Kim was wrong; she is the most interesting to look at. (IYKYK.)