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We're gnat kidding — these 13-cent sticky insect traps keep your plants bug-free

'They attract fruit flies like crazy': So long, harsh pesticides — just stick these into the soil and you're good to grow!

Don't get us wrong: "Sharing is caring" is a lovely sentiment ... but when it comes to bugs making themselves at home in our prized plants? Well, that's where we draw the line. Not only are they annoying, they can also ruin our beloved greenery — and while you might be tempted to bust out the chemical insect killer, we'd suggest taking a gentler approach. (Your nose will thank you!) OurGrown Yellow Sticky Traps are odorless and 100% pesticide-free, but effective enough to have garnered an impressive 4.4-star average rating from Amazon customers. Oh, and at a mere 13 cents a pop ($8 for a 60-pack), they're an affordable solution as well. Keep scrolling to see what all the "buzz" is about.

Those winged squatters are about to get evicted — hope they're ready for their new yellow digs.

$8 at Amazon

OurGrown Yellow Sticky Traps couldn't be easier to use — seriously. All you do is peel away the adhesive covering, stick the pointed bottom into your plant's soil and ... well, that's literally it. Those little pests will be attracted to its bright color and get stuck in its glue, and while it's admittedly a little gross, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction seeing all of the little buggies it catches. Better that than a rotting plant, right? And certainly less headache-inducing than spraying pesticides everywhere.

Speaking of pesticides, these traps are ideal for homes with pets; that said, they're not safe for all animals. You'll want to use them for indoor plants only, as they could be harmful to bees, birds and other outdoor creatures.

Insects stuck to the yellow, flower-shaped insect trap, which is inside a potted plant
This insect trap might look all cheery and innocent, but buggies, beware. (Amazon)

Over 2,400 Amazon customers are bugging out over these sticky traps.

"After trying several other remedies for eliminating gnats, I tried these," shared one satisfied shopper. "They seemed too simple to believe that they would really be effective. I had planted trays of seedlings getting ready for spring and these attracted many gnats. Within five seconds (not exaggerating!), gnats were getting caught on the trap. Within a few days, I was replacing the traps because they were loaded with gnats. There are still gnats around, but nothing like before. These will always be my go-to for this problem!"

"So much better than pesticides," raved a plant (and pet) parent. "I’m always worried for my pup's sake. I have lemon and lime trees in the house and they attract fruit flies like crazy! These are great in addition to a Zevo plug-in."

"I needed something for my Aerogardens, as there were some gnats eating my basil," explained a third buyer. "This was just what I needed. And I love that the package says not to use outdoors as it is dangerous for birds, bees, etc. Highly recommended!"

"My only complaint is the neck of the traps snap when I’m trying to push them down into the dirt a few times, and [the] sticker can be a little hard to peel off," admitted a generally pleased user. "I have over 60+ plants in one room alone, so gnats are second nature to me. I’ve placed these traps in about 70% of my plants and every trap has numerous gnats glued on. [The] adhesive is very effective."

"May not be the prettiest solution with all the yellow showing," said a final reviewer, "BUT they work. And when you are about to lose your mind because of gnats, who cares if it’s aesthetically pleasing!"

Whoever coined the term "flower power" probably didn't have these bug catchers in mind, but we'd like to pretend otherwise. 

$8 at Amazon

As one reviewer above mentioned, having a plug-in trap is also a smart idea:

Like the sticky traps, this No. 1 bestseller doesn't rely on pesticides; instead, it attracts bugs via UV light, luring them towards its adhesive backing where they'll ultimately meet their demise. Just plug it in and replace the sticky cartridge as needed (it comes with a replacement). 

"We’ve been fighting fruit flies and/or fungus flies in our kitchen for a very long time," wrote a reviewer. "Tried everything from drain cleaners to treatments. We installed this and ever since, no more problems after about a week. The number of flies it caught is crazy. Great solution and it looks nice."

$20 at Amazon

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