What do both of these women have in common?

Photo via Instagram/Bodyposipower

Michelle Rogers is a 20-year-old college student and body positivity blogger. Her page, called BodyPosiPower, is an ode to creating a healthy relationship with your body . Her followers are treated to daily inspiration to love the figure you live in. regardless of daily challenges.

Recently, Rogers shared a side-by-side image of a model and herself wearing the same velvet shirt, with a reminder for her followers.

“What do both of these women have in common?” she wrote. “We both deserve the same amount of respect when it comes to our bodies.”

“I’ve come a really long way with body acceptance and self love, including how to deal with bullies online/offline.”

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The plus-size blogger says the photo is a repost, but still remains relevant. Admitting to receiving online and offline hate regularly, Rogers admits that just because she runs a body positivity blog, doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel negative emotions that show up in her life.

“Sometimes, I’m still anxious to post, or still anxious to go to bed to wake up and see the comments. We are only human, words still hurt and the internet doesn’t justify hate,” she wrote. “Know that the hateful comments you get on your post are from those full of negativity and self-doubt. They don’t know you for you!”

Rogers wrapped up the post with a message to followers that regardless of their body size or shape, they are valuable — and these numbers don’t determine their self worth. She also reminds others that just because they are plus size doesn’t mean they need to be constantly ‘working on’ themselves.

“I am FAT! No shocker here, but Im also a lot of other things, too. Just because I’m not posting a photo of myself where I’m actively trying to change my appearance, doesn’t mean I deserve any of the disgusting comments I get, no one does,” Rogers wrote.

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The post resonated with her followers, with more than 1,300 likes and 200 comments. Some followers were inspired by the blogger, while others took the comparison literally.

“Your account is amazing and so are you! Never lose faith you can get through anything and I’m grateful that you are here so thank you for making a huge difference to me and many others,” wrote one follower.

“[Both women] deserve respect, love, same amount of compliments and no comparison,” added another.

Rogers was overwhelmed with the response from her followers, only inspiring her to continue sending her message of positivity in hopes that it reaches even further.

“I believe that we all deserve the same amount of respect as the next person, no matter your size.”

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