What's In My Bag? Chef and writer Sophia Roe shares her go-to products for wellness on the road

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Image courtesy of Gabriel Flores, @_gabrielflores.

Sophia Roe may be known as much for her tattoos and her curls as for her delicious and health-focused recipes, but the 31-year old chef, writer and wellness enthusiast has so much more going on than many of the usual the green-juice drinking, yoga-teaching gurus we often see in the media.

We recently sat down to chat and discussed everything from Roe’s struggles with perioral dermatitis (which she’s talked about openly in the past), to wellness trends and how she hopes to see the industry become a more accessible, more relatable, and more inclusive space.

Roe, a New Yorker and self-proclaimed “food and feelings advocate,” is no stranger to the importance of physical and mental well-being, and has worked with brands like Free PeopleWell+Good, and Shiseido to bring her unique perspective on wellness to the masses.

“A good cry is so good for your well-being,” she said when sharing her favourite unconventional wellness tips. “I’d say even before an adaptogenic, reishi, ashwagandha coffee, a good cry, calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time, getting rid of a relationship that is no longer serving you - all of those things are going to do far more for your wellness than kale salad.”

The relationship between individuals and food is also a key focus for Roe, who dealt with orthorexia following a diagnosis of ovarian cysts eight years ago. She’s since managed to find the balance between eating well and feeling well, a message that she emphasizes to her online following through her diary-like Instagram captions.

Image courtesy of Anna Wolf, @annathewolf.

“I think sometimes [the wellness industry] can get a little too food-shamey,” Roe shared. “Think about what that does for a young, impressionable 20-year old.”

Her solution to this issue? Advocating for a more intuitive approach to eating and being more mindful about well-being in general. Things like sitting down to eat, enjoying food that makes you happy and even saying no more often all factor into her approach to mindful eating.

“For me, if the industry starts heading in that direction - and I think in some ways it is - but for now, there’s still some work to do,” she admitted. “Which is fine! Work is good.”

As a frequent traveller between L.A. and New York, Roe has come up with some easy tricks for eating well while on the road. Rather than sticking with the given meals on long-haul flights, she suggests packing your own food to make sure that what you’re eating is both tasty and nutritious.

“I actually always make my own food. I’m one of those people,” she admits. “I basically make what would be like a Sweetgreen salad and I put it in an old deli container. I’ll just do green beans, cauliflower, and then some kind of protein. ”

As for drinks, she recommends skipping the in-flight cocktails and sticking to water to stay hydrated, along with bringing healthy snacks like popcorn or kale chips to avoid overloading your digestive system.

Ready for more of Sophia’s travel tips? Read on to find out her must-have beauty products for life at home and on the road.

Marie Veronique Gentle Gel Cleanser

Image via Marie Veronique.

“Right now, my must have is Marie Veronique Gentle Gel Cleanser. That’s my jam. She actually had perioral dermatitis and invented these products for people with that problem [like me].”

SHOP IT: Marie Veronique, $46

Vive Sana Daily Protezione SPF 30

Image via GOOP.

“I use this Vive Sana sunscreen, that’s it. I care more about sunscreen than hand sanitizer. Seriously. It’s always with me. Always.

SHOP IT: Goop, $76

Buhbli Organics Hemp Oil

Image via Walmart.

“On a plane the air is really dry, so I just use organic hemp oil. It’s 0% comedogenic, it’s not pore-clogging. On the comedogenic scale it’s a complete zero.”

SHOP IT: Walmart, $15

Leven Rose Rose Water Facial Toner

Image via Amazon.

“Because you know, you need a little spray! Rosewater, if you get it with the glycerin it’s very moisturizing. It just cools you down and it’s awesome for summer.”

SHOP IT: Amazon, $20

Golde Clean Greens Anti-Pollution Face Mask

Image via Golde.

“I use my friend’s (editor’s note: Golde founder Trinity Mouzon) Golde’s mask. It’s called Clean Greens and I mix the mask with colloidal silver because it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal.”

SHOP IT: Golde, $34 USD

Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver

Image via Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $26

CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water

Image via Ulta

“If I’m flying from L.A. back to New York, sometimes I’ll take a little bit of this CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water and I’ll just put it in a little container and just cotton pad my face.”

SHOP IT: Ulta Beauty, $17

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