Here’s Where You Can Still Buy Tampons Online at Regular Prices Amid the Tampon Shortage

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By mid-2022, none of us are strangers to supply chain issues. But one product is currently in the spotlight, after weeks (and in some areas, months) of shoppers noticing barer and barer shelves in feminine hygiene aisles: tampons. Like with baby formula, price gougers have taken advantage of the shortage, reselling tampons online at criminally high prices. Luckily, a handful of online retailers still have plenty of options in stock, in case your local pharmacy or supermarket doesn’t. Read on to find out where you can still buy tampons at regular prices during the tampon shortage. (Oh, and if you’ve been thinking about trying period underwear or menstrual cups, now’s a great time to make the switch.)

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1. Walmart

Walmart still has a wide range of regularly priced tampons in stock. Options include varying sizes, applicators and scents from brands like U by Kotex, Tampax, O.B. Organic and Playtex.

Buy it (from $4/18-pack)

2. Target

Shop big brands, independent brands, organic and extra affordable Up & Up store-brand tampons at Target. Save more by ordering for pickup instead of shipping them to your door.

Buy it (from $4/16-pack)

3. Public Goods

All of the brand’s tampons are in stock online, including applicator and applicator-free options. They’re a bit pricier than big brand names, but worth it if you want a tampon made with organic cotton and without synthetic fibers, pesticides and BPA.

Buy it (from $5/18-pack)

4. Rael

Free of chemicals, carcinogens and weird ingredients, Rael’s organic cotton tampons are a great alternative if your favorite brand is out of stock near you. Choose from BPA-free plastic, cardboard or compact applicators.

Buy it (from $7.50/18-pack)

5. Cora

The Comfort Fit Tampon is made with organic cotton and is applicator free, making for a tampon that produces minimal waste. It’s also free of pesticides, dyes and chlorine, plus comes in eco-conscious packaging.

Buy it ($9/18-pack)

6. Thrive Market

This environmentally friendly purveyor has a slew of tampon options in stock, along with menstrual cups, pads and panty liners. Brands run the gamut from Oi to Natracare to Seventh Generation.

Buy it (from $4.50/16-pack)

7. Amazon

As long as you keep an eye out for price gouging, you can still find reasonably priced tampons on Amazon. For instance, the 36-count Amazon Basics organic tampons with bio-based plastic applicators cost only 27 cents each.

From $10/36-pack at Amazon

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