White jeans that don’t stain? We put the ‘Stay White’ line by GUESS to the test


Photo courtesy GUESS

I am a messy person. Like, to the point that after a particularly arm flail-y dinner, which resulted in two beers on a friend’s lap, people started referring to me as “Spill-ary.”

So when it comes to summer whites, you can understand why I’m a little wary. Sure, a crisp pair of white skinny jeans or a white top look great for a summer BBQ – but stains? Not so much.

So when GUESS asked if I wanted to try out their new “Stay White” line, I was intrigued. The line of denim, which includes items for both men and women, boasts fabric that “has a special finish that repels stains and water, ensuring a clean, fresh look with every wear. Plus, the high wash durability guarantees the protective layer won’t fade.”

So the Yahoo Canada Style team decided to put them to the test, throwing various liquids on a brave test subject (myself). We tried out coffee, Red Bull, orange juice and Coca-Cola, and the results were pretty impressive.

As you can see in the video, a lot of the liquids seemed to roll right off the pants immediately – and the ones that did stick were shockingly easy to remove by just dabbing the wet stains with a paper towel. The stain-repellant coating also kept the pants very dry even after multiple spills – once I dabbed off the liquid, they were pretty much good as new. Another thing that impressed us was that while we all thought the coating would make the jeans waxy or stiff, they felt like normal soft jegging material.

The GUESS “Stay White” line retails from $79-148.

Would you try these stain-resistant pants? What are your best tips for keeping your jeans stain free? Let us know by tweeting @YahooStyleCA.