Whoopi Goldberg admits she accidentally ate a bag of cat treats after meeting the Pope

Whoopi Goldberg admits she accidentally ate a bag of cat treats after meeting the Pope

Whoopi Goldberg got a taste of one unlikely treat in a fit of exhaustion and extreme hunger.

Maybe it was the long flight she’d just got off or the fact that she hadn’t eaten much, but somehow, someway, the 68-year-old wound up devouring a bag of Temptations cat treats last week.

On the recent episode of The View, Goldberg confessed to her co-hosts – Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Ana Navarro – that she had thought the cat crackers were pretzels. She emphasized how she had just returned from a long flight after she met Pope Francis.

“I got home. Perhaps I was a little more jet-lagged than I realized,” the comedian explained during the June 17 episode. “I was not high. I had nothing to drink.”

She continued: “It is two in the morning and there are these wonderful pretzels called Dot’s Pretzels, which I love.”

Goldberg went to grab a couple of handfuls of the beloved twists, but her daughter, Alex Martin, left the Temptations treats directly next to the Dot’s Pretzels bag. Without thinking, the Ghost star reached for the snack and picked up the cat food bag.

“So I reach over and I pour some Dot’s in my hand and I put ‘em in my mouth. I’m chewing,” Goldberg explained. In her mouth, the taste was stale.

Hostin was curious whether Goldberg thought the Dot’s Pretzels were a new flavor bag. But the actor confessed that wasn’t the case. She thought the problem was her, not the pretzels.

“No, no. I just poured some more in because maybe I thought, you know, bed mouth. You know, because sometimes you wake up and you got something in your mouth and you’re like, ‘Who is this?’” she noted.

Goldberg added: “So I pour some more. ‘Why do these taste so bad?’ My eye finally kind of opened a little bit, and in my hand was the Crabby flavor Temptations!”

The Temptations Crabby Crab snack consists of small bites of chicken by-product meal, ground corn, animal fat, dried yeast, dried cheese, natural crab flavor, and more. Goldberg is the owner of her cat, Oliver.

To further emphasize how tired she was, Goldberg confessed the flight from the Vatican was long, especially after she’d just been in a room with Pope Francis and 100 other comedians on June 14.

Though the TV star didn’t have the same anxiety she might have gotten when she first met Pope Francis in 2023, the whirlwind experience was still just as taxing.

Goldberg opened up about her first time meeting Pope Francis in conversation with Jimmy Fallon during his eponymous late-night talk show.

“I went to see him and he actually seems to be a bit of a fan,” she told Fallon, noting that this wasn’t much of a surprise considering her work in Sister Act.