Why did Rob Gronkowski call Mike McCarthy’s playcalling conservative?

Former NFL All-Pro Rob Gronkowski was on FOX NFL Sunday talking about what the Dallas Cowboys needed to do to be Super Bowl contenders and criticized Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy.

Gronkowski called out McCarthy’s time management saying it out as a major reason the team has struggled in the playoffs against the San Francisco 49ers among other teams.

“The problem I see in Dallas, it goes back to two years ago when they lost to [San Francisco 49ers], and Jerry Jones even agreed with it after the last game they played, is their clock management,” said Gronkowski, “ Last game they played there was 17 seconds left on the clock going into halftime ,they have a timeout, and they ran the clock out to three seconds and kicked the field goal. If you wanna be a championship team, if you wanna win games when they really count, you gotta go for the points and you gotta capitalize.”

Gronkowski ended the segment saying McCarthy had to adjust his play-calling.

“Coach Mike McCarthy is being too conservative,” said Gronkowski, “You gotta let the ball fly in that situation.”