Why Gigi Hadid Chose to End Her Romance With Leonardo DiCaprio After a Year

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio’s on-off casual romance is off for good, Us Weekly reports. A source explained that it was actually more Hadid’s decision to not pursue the relationship any further and just go back to being friends.

DiCaprio “really saw himself dating [her],” the source said, but Hadid couldn’t see a serious future with DiCaprio. Part of the reasoning is because the model’s “first priority is her child,” 3-year-old daughter Khai, the source added. Another issue is DiCaprio’s lifestyle in comparison to hers as a working mother.

Hadid “doesn’t want her boyfriend to be in and out going to clubs and events and working all the time,” the source said. “She wants someone to be hands-on and a partner.” She also “doesn’t want to date someone seriously unless she can introduce them to her child.”

She and DiCaprio are in different places, both physically and emotionally, the source continued. “They both travel a lot by nature of their jobs. But Gigi is taking more work that allows her to spend more time with her child. And Leo still travels a lot and likes to go out a lot. And there’s temptation and all those factors had been concerns of hers.”

Hadid and DiCaprio remain on good terms and are still in touch. The source said that Hadid “still loves [him] as a friend and person. They’ve gone their separate ways but are friends and have a lot of friends in common. It’s amicable.”

Both have already sparked romantic rumors with other people. DiCaprio was photographed kissing model Vittoria Ceretti earlier this month. Hadid, meanwhile, was seen spending time with music producer Cole Bennett. A source told Us Weekly on September 7 that Bennett and Hadid have been friends for “a few years,” but their relationship is now “moving in a romantic direction.”

Neither Hadid nor DiCaprio ever commented on dating reports that first came out around this time last year.

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