Why Halloween Absolutely Sucks in Your 20s

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Facebook thanks for tuning in. My name is Anne Vorrasi. I'm the lifestyle editor at InStyle magazine. And I'm here today with Orlando Soria. He is the west coast creative director of Homepolish. It's an interior designing service. And he is here with Us today, to show us two super easy and fun Halloween DIY projects that you can do to spookify your home. Yes! Thank you for having me. Thank you for coming. Are you a Halloween person? I am semi into Halloween. So I can get into it. But I'm not like. A crazy fanatic. Like I don't go insane every year, do you? Mm-hmm, it kind of fluctuates. I'm definitely the kind of person who has to have a Halloween party. I have to have a pumpkin carving, I have to get that out of my system. Yeah. I've been doing Halloween for already a month now, because I've been doing photo shoots. So I'm pretty into it. Yeah, and speaking of pumpkin carving, Yeah. It's like everyone's doing it now. Everyone is throwing parties, everyone is Like doing DIY things and super cool projects. And you're gonna show us one to do today. I'm gonna yeah, show you how to do a super simple, elegant, polka-dot pumpkin using a power drill which is very exciting. Typical. I'm a little bit scared, but I'll stand away. It's actually very easy, shockingly easy. Okay, okay. Because I saw it all over Pinterest and was like that looks very hard and professional. Yeah. I couldn't possible do that. yeah. And then, I took the power drill out of the box. Drilled a hole in the pumpkin and realized that it was the simplest think in the whole world, so Sweet. You all can do it? [LAUGH] Would you like to start with the pumpkin? Yes. Let's do it. Would you like to talk more about your personal feelings about Halloween? We can talk as we drill. How about we do that? All right. So this is very simple. So, first things first. Something super revolutionary about how I've carved this pumpkin Pumpkin, get ready to have your minds blown, is that I didn't do the little thing where you cut the top off. I, instead, get ready for this you're gonna freak out. That's pretty genius. There's a hole in the bottom. So, yeah. Basically, this keeps it so that there's no jaggedy seam at the top. It's a lot cleaner of a look. How do you feel about scooping the insides of pumpkins out? You know what? I find it kind of aggravating, because it never comes out cleanly, but- Yeah, it's disgusting Yeah [LAUGH] I just thought that, if I wanted to whine about it, I really like whining. That's another one of my DIY skills. [LAUGH] So basically, this is super easy, just cut around this Bottom of the pumpkin. I use my bare hands to grab out al the disgusting seeds. I always, always, always roast the seeds. You just put a little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper on them. And stick them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for like 10 minutes. They're delicious, yes. I love that. And they're so good. Perfect for Summer salads, for Fall salads. Year round. Well that's genius. So do you use a specific knife or do you have like a favorite knife for carving your pumpkin? I mean, this is bad but I just use like a paring knife. No, I agree. I use my steak knife which is nice and serrated because I hate the crappy ones you get from the 99 cent store or like the grocery store. Yeah. Yeah. And if you destroy your expensive knife it's a good excuse to get a new one. It shouldn't be destroyed if it was expensive. [LAUGH] It should be able to take it. Good point! Alright, so this is actually very easy. Are you scared? I just don't want to get messy, but we'll see. We're actually- don't worry. It's not going to go too deep with this, so What I like to do is actually use the natural lines of the pumpkin to sort of figure out placement of the different holes. So you just put it into the small crevice. [NOISE] How nice. That was easy, right? Yeah. So I actually, I'm gonna show you a finished pumpkin in a minute, but I'm using a smaller drill bit. So when you put a candle in this, if you want it to look like little stars or speckles- Mm-hm. You should use whatever gage this is, it's about a quarter of an inch [LAUGH] Mm-hm. And if you want it to look more like polka dots, use and inch drill bit. Okay. So yeah, I just kinda go along and. At each of sort of depression of the pumpkin. Yeah. [SOUND] Drill another hole. And you go around and then on the next layer, you find a depression between the two. So that kind of just helps you space out. [SOUND] The dots. And then you get pumpkin, all over your table. [LAUGH] Perfect. And is this a big one inch drill bit, that you're holding, right there? Yeah, so this is a finished one. Okay. So this one, I used a larger drill bit. I didnt want to do it in here because Both of us would have been covered in pumpkin. [LAUGH] And you would've been really mad at me, because your power lady blazer would have been destroyed. And you would have never been invited again. [LAUGH] But this gives it a little bit more warmth. When you put the candle in it, it shows a little bit more of the softer pumpkin interior. And it's more of a polka dot look. Nice. So, and the other thing that's good about these, is that then you just stick the candle. Like you put it on a plate or whatever and stick the candle there and you don't have to worry about the pumpkin starting on fire or whatever. Yeah. Well, I also like, if you have even a smaller drill bit, I mean, I could even imagine you like drawing an image and like making something delicate. Yeah. You know, like a saying, a phrase or something. If you're feeling super motivated, you can do, yeah, something that says hello or like, maybe like a cat in front of a moon or something super festive. If you're really lazy, do what I did on this one, and just like put holes everywhere. Perfect. So, and this took me like, 10 minutes to make. So if you're a lazy holiday person, like this is probably perfect for you. Nice. Are you going to be carving a pumpkin this year? Possibly. You must after I taught you this amazing trick. I don't know if I'll be carving, I'll probably be drilling a pumpkin this year [LAUGH]. Good, perfect. Good answer Would you like to talk about ghosts? Sure. Okay. That brings us to our next project. I think so.>> Right? I'm gonna just put this guy back, Okay. and then do this. Alrighty, so our next project uses just a few super easy to find craft Materials I see. Yeah, these are just from the craft store. Yeah. So we've got a Styrofoam ball. Yeah. I feel like we're doing a science project. [LAUGH] Styrofoam ball. This is cheese cloth. It's [BLANK_AUDIO] 2 feet by 4 feet? Okay. This is what we call scissors. Mm-hm. So and then this is- I've seen those before. Yeah. [LAUGH] I love using them. They're so good at cutting, so much better than your teeth. [LAUGH] This is black paper. Uh-huh. This is very thin gauge 30 gauge, in fact, wire. Okay. So you can also use, this is for hanging the ghost. Okay. You can also use fishing wire. I just find this a little bit easier to adhere to this styrofoam ball. Okay. So, are you ready for- Put some glue on some sticks. some action? Yeah and if you guys can see there's a little ghost to my left right here. Yeah, so that's what we're making. Yeah His name is Ghostie. Little cute Ghostie, super cute. Yeah, I used him to scare my coworkers this morning. [LAUGH] All right, so the first thing we're going to do is hold this. Okay. I actually wanna test your crafting skills for a sec. Okay. So do you think that you can use this to put a hole through the middle of this ball? Yes. This is a. Now I have to. You can also use, like a skewer, this was just a popsicle stick laying around, so I use that. Very good [APPLAUSE]. Thank you, should I take it out? Yeah. Or leave it? Okay. I can see how a skewer would be easier though, cuz it has, like a sharp edge. A point, yeah. Sometimes you use what you have. Yeah, that's true. And that's how crafting can be a good exercise on being resourceful. Maybe a pencil. You can learn a lot. Yeah. So, speaking of using what you have, we're going to get some of this wire. Okay. I'm going to get about 2 feet. Depending on where you want to hang this guy. So you might need a little bit more if you're going to hang him from A tall terrifying place. So do you you throw a Halloween party every year right? And you go all out? One must. One must. Do you go all out? Yeah. Tell me about the decor for your party. So I'm really into I live in L.A. where we don't have seasons? Right. So I'm into buying them at the flower market so I get lots of branches With sort of dried natural leaves and beautiful fall colors like reds and yellows, and I put them in vases all around my place. I also am very into Day of the Dead decor- Mm-hm. So like really beautiful hand painted skulls- Yeah. Things along those lines that makes, just for a little bit more, like an elevated Halloween look. Yeah. I'm doing something right now that if my mom saw me do it, she would like slap me. I'm using scissors to cut wire. Don't ever do this. Big no-no. [LAUGH] Snip. But that's being resourceful. We're gonna thread this through ghost's head. Okay. Do you remember where- I'll give you $1000 if you can find that hole. Okay, here we go. I'm rich guys. My god you so rich. All right im now gonna use this lollipop stick to get this wire to go through. So im actually sticking it into the middle of this lollipop stick. Don't ask me why this have lollipop stick lying around at my office. Some people do it's okay. And im now gonna use that to. Jam this wire all the way through. Okay. Like that. Careful. [BLANK_AUDIO] Do you know what you're gonna dress up as for Halloween this year? I'm thinking of making my boyfriend go as Edward Scissorhands and dressing up like a giant topiary, because he made all those topiaries in the movie. Yes That's adorable. Yeah. I can't figure out how to do the topiary part. Maybe I'm going to have to use all those branches from my apartment, from my [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. For your costume, instead of for that. My gosh, that would be really cute. So basically, what I'm doing right now, is I'm creating a little Tangle of bow at the bottom of this piece of wire so that the wire doesn't pull back through. Okay, and you basically just kind of accordion style folded it and then wrapped it around itself. Exactly. And then I'm just gonna pull on it a little bit to get it to kind of stick in this thing. Mm-hm. So then we have a bobble head for a ghost that doesn't exist yet. Nice, do you want me to hold this? Sure, so all right, now we have this two foot by four foot piece of cheesecloth. You can find this at any grocery store. Yeah, but people at the craft store kind of looked at me like a crazy person when I ask for them, asked for where it was. [CROSSTALK] But they had it there? Yeah. Okay. We're gonna cut this in half. But how are we? There we go. So, I already folded it in half. This stuff catches on everything, so be warned. Use a big surface if you can. Yeah, so we're just gonna use these scissors for their actual purpose. So these are super cute cuz you can hang them literally everywhere around the house, even at your desk if you wanna make your desk a little bit more festive. Exactly. Kids' rooms. Yeah, they're fun. Obviously it's fun to do elevated holiday decor, but it's also fun to be silly and just have fun. So I felt like these were a really cute Idea for the house. I actually got this idea, my mom sent me one in the mail and I was like, that's so cute. Is this a Mama S- A Mama Saria trick? Yeah. Yeah. That's adorable. She's very crafty, she's probably where I got my crazy crafting obsession. Will she be coming to your Halloween party? She is! Nice. She and my sister are both flying down for it, I'm excited. Do you know what they're going to come as? No. My god, I didn't ever think about ever you wearing costumes at it. That would be so weird. [LAUGH] Hey want to come to my house and wear costumes? Like two weeks, [LAUGH] before Halloween. You have a Halloween party two weeks before Halloween and you don't have costumes? Hello. Yeah. Duh. [LAUGH] Yeah, it's before Halloween because basically when Halloween comes around people are like over it. So you have to do it early. So what I'm gonna do. I'm just demonstrating how annoying this stuff is to use. What I'm gonna do is lay this on top of each other and kind of Don't put them exactly on top of each other, splay them a little bit. Okay. I'm not using my words very well but. [LAUGH] Just don't make them so they're exactly square on top of each other- You guys get it though right? Yeah. Alright and this is the hardest part. Okay. Are you ready? I think so. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna thread the end of that through here. So somewhat in the center. Yes, this is actually way easier with two people. [BLANK_AUDIO] It takes a village to build a stupid ghost. [LAUGH] Cool, so now we have our spooky ghost. But he has no eyeballs. So we're gonna cut some out of this paper using these scissors. Okay. Would you like to do that? Sure. I will just haunt you as you cut those eyeballs. My gosh, the pressures on. [SOUND] [LAUGH] Very good. All right there's one. That looks lovely. [BLANK_AUDIO] So, can you also tell me about what you do exactly at Home Polish? So at Home Polish, I am the West Coast creative director. So I do lots of marketing. I do social media. I do Facebook live fo InStyle magazine. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So it's very multifaceted job. I also do design work with sort of high profile clients. Celebrity clients.That we use to market pur brand. Nice. So, now we're gonna glue these, eyes onto these. Mr. Ghost. So you can actually probably just, [BLANK_AUDIO] Put the glue right on the paper. [BLANK_AUDIO] And it's nice to kind of keep it basic not adding a mouth, cuz it just makes it look kind of more vintage and more cartoony. Yeah. I love this little glue dispenser. It's so cute. I know. It's great that it's mini. Alright, should I go next to you? Yes. Perfect! And now you have a terrifying ghost that you can scare everyone with. You know what's also great? So, these styrofoam balls come in tons of different sizes, so you can make like little baby ones, or you can make enormous ones. So, you can make like a whole family, too. Yeah for the sake of making a giant one. And it was way less spooky than the small ones. It was just too cute. For some reason the small ones are like when you come around the corner you are like a scary ghost. cool. Awesome. So yes ghost is done. What are you being for Halloween? I haven't decided yet. my situation is a little bit trickier this year because I am pregnant. So my husband sent me this Funny round up of costumes. And one was, and this is so genius. It was an avocado, like a half-cut avocado. so basically the belly was the seed, and it was like a cardboard outline that was painted green. That is so cute. so maybe I'll be that, and maybe he can be the other half or something like that. I don't know. That is adorable. I love that idea. So, that's one thing. Are you gonna do any party, or wait for trick or treaters? We'll probably just hang out. Yeah, I used to trick or treat with my nephews, but now they're too old for trick or treating. How old are they? 10 and 14. They're not as into it anymore. Do you wanna know a secret? Yes. I trick or treated until I was 18 years old. [LAUGH] That's okay. I was from a really small town and it was actually okay. So just make [CROSSTALK] Just continue the Trick or Treat, it's part of their childhood. Just let them do it all around Brooklyn. Yeah yeah. For the first year ever, because Halloween is actually on a Monday, I'm just gonna go to a friend's house and we're gonna like pass out candy. Yeah. that's nice. Maybe just like wearing normal people clothes, maybe or even in costumes. Yeah. But it's been a long time since I've seen cute little kids trick or treating. So I think that would be fun. Yeah. It's adorable. But I'm probably also gonna steal your pregnant avocado idea. Yeah, it's a good one. Yeah. It's not my idea, I can't take credit for it. I think you should take credit for your husband's ideas that he probably stole from somebody else. [LAUGH] I could, but. Yeah. Maybe not on live television next time [LAUGH]. Probably not. Well, thank you so much for coming in and for showing us all these cool projects. We hope that you've been inspired to create your own at home. Yeah, do it. They're so easy. If you don't do it, you're losing so much of your life. Yeah. [LAUGH] Have a great Halloween, guys. Thank you for having me. Bye. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Normally, I love holidays. I start celebrating Christmas weeks before it’s socially acceptable, put together a literal menu for Thanksgiving dinner, and still make my friends do Easter egg hunts in our 20s. But as a 23-year-old, Halloween is one holiday I can’t get behind.

As a kid, Oct. 31 is one of the best days of the year. You get to dress up as your favorite character, you barely have to go to class, and you can collect more candy than you should be eating all month. As an adult with kids, I’d expect it’s more stressful, but at least you still have an excuse to be out trick-or-treating. Spike that cider in your thermos, throw on a witch’s hat, and you’ve got yourself one successful Halloween night. The best part? You don’t have to pretend to enjoy dressing in minimal clothing and spending the night in a crowded, sticky bar.

It’s not that I hate dressing up or even going out; I’m nothing if not committed to a good theme. But as an unmarried, childless 20-something, the holiday somehow comes with even more stress and expectations. There’s the drama of trying to put together a group costume with your squad that inevitably comes to a head when nobody wants to suck it up and be “Dopey” the dwarf. Or there’s the pressure of finding a couples costume that is appropriately committal for your stage of the relationship. And, of course, there’s the price of the bar crawl ticket that inevitably goes to waste when one dwarf has to be taken home early (not again, Bashful!).

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I don’t want to spend the entire month of October searching for the perfect outfit-completing hat that also costs less than $10 and comes in seven colors. I don’t want to coordinate our elaborate, apartment-hopping pregaming schedule knowing it will all be ruined when one friend takes too long to get ready. And I definitely don’t want to do it not once but three times when Halloween falls on a Tuesday.

So if anyone needs me on Oct. 31, I’ll be watching Hocus Pocus with a glass of red and counting down the years until I can dress my baby up in a koala costume. Wake me up when October ends.