Why “Love Is Blind”'s Johnny Thinks Birth Control Discussion with Amy Was 'Spun the Wrong Way' (Exclusive)

Amy and Johnny have not yet been sexually intimate with each other because Amy is not on birth control and Johnny is fearful that it would result in an unplanned pregnancy

<p>Adam Rose/Netflix (2)</p> Love Is Blind

Adam Rose/Netflix (2)

Love Is Blind's Amy and Johnny

Warning: This story contains spoilers from episodes 7-9 of Love Is Blind season 6.

Love Is Blind's Johnny McIntyre hasn't shied away from the important conversations with fiancée Amy Cortés, but he also wants to set the record straight.

In the latest batch of episodes to hit Netflix, Johnny and Amy returned from their Dominican Republic couple's getaway and moved in together as they adjust to life as an engaged couple in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Eventually, it was revealed that Amy and Johnny, both 28, had not yet been sexually intimate with each other because Amy is not on birth control and Johnny was fearful that it would result in an unplanned pregnancy.

Though the topic has been discussed across several episodes now, Johnny tells PEOPLE that feels like it was "kind of spun the wrong way."

"I do want to have kids, but I want to, number one, be able to actually experience life with Amy and grow and really evolve with her as a couple before we welcome kids into the mix," he explains. "Let's do that, and then a couple of years later, then let's welcome kids into it. Because that way, we have a strong foundation."

"When things come up with kids, because I hear for a lot of parents too, the first couple of years are rough. You're sleep-deprived, you're not really your normal self you were way back when," he continues. "So I wanted to know Amy for herself first and actually to know her before we were welcome kids into the mix."

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Johnny and Amy on 'Love Is Blind' season 6

Courtesy of Netflix

Johnny and Amy on 'Love Is Blind' season 6

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During episode 7, Jimmy spoke to costar Laura Dadisman about his relationship and revealed he and Amy were "taking it slow" because "she's not on birth control." He added, "It makes you really think about things and you wanna have more conversations."

In the following episode, Amy and Johnny did just that — touching base about their goals of wanting to be parents but only when they were "financially secure" and ready. As Amy noted that she didn't want kids for "another five years," she also emphasized that they needed to figure out a plan to get over this hurdle in their relationship — and ideally before the wedding.

Johnny was in full agreement as he explained the women he previously dated were "almost always on birth control" so he never had to think twice about it. The two then acknowledged that the issue was definitely a "roadblock" in their relationship and began to consider their options, including Amy going on birth control or Johnny undergoing a vasectomy.

"I don't know if I wanna get on birth control yet," Amy said. "I feel like Johnny's fear about the whole kids thing is our biggest roadblock to intimacy.... I don't think we're gonna wait until marriage. But using protection, that's not enough for him."

"I've never been on birth control, I've had talks with my gynecologist. It's ideal to be on birth control because I have to constantly get infusions," Amy continued in a confessional. "I'm anemic, it would be ideal to do that but I like how regular everything is with my system. I don't want to alter anything and so, it is a lot as a woman to make these decisions."

Johnny then added, "We need to figure something out before we take this next step ... this could be a make-or-break between us [and] I don't want it to be."

<p>Courtesy of Netflix </p> Amy and Johnny on 'Love Is Blind' season 6

Courtesy of Netflix

Amy and Johnny on 'Love Is Blind' season 6

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Whether the issue actually does become a defining moment has yet to be seen. While the two worked through the intimacy struggle, their relationship seemed to flourish in other areas, including Amy meeting Johnny's family and hitting it off with his sisters.

However, Johnny has yet to meet Amy's father, and she has been vocal about not being able to marry him if her dad doesn't approve of their relationship.

In a teaser for the next episode drop, Jimmy asks Amy's father, "May I have your blessing to marry your daughter?" He then responds, "For me, it is kinda overwhelming."

A tense moment between the three follows as Amy breaks down in tears and Jimmy looks on in a nervous manner.

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Episodes 1–9 of Love Is Blind season 6 are now streaming on Netflix, with episodes 10-11 set to drop next Wednesday, Feb. 28.

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