Why Mariska Hargitay hilariously asked photographers to zoom in on her necklace at Glamour event

Mariska Hargitay amused fans when she gave a special shoutout to her jewellery at Glamour’s Women of the Year ceremony.

On 7 November, the actor, 59, walked the red carpet at the star-studded event, which honoured the magazine’s 2023 Woman of the Year, Brooke Shields. For the occasion, Hargitay wore a black dress, with silver mirrored accents on the front, and black heels. She also opted for a pair of aviator sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and gold bracelets.

While posing on the red carpet, she went on to make sure that the photographers captured a specific accessory: her necklace with a small letter “B” hanging from the chain, which she wore to honour Shields.

“Somebody go super close on my necklace, cause I’m wearing a ‘B’ for Brooke,” she told photographers while pointing at the jewellery, in a video shared on Instagram by Glamour. “Can you see it? Can you go super tight?”

After the photographers confirmed that they could see her necklace, the Law and Order star told them to “hold on,” before she put her sunglasses on and continued posing. She went on to keep pointing at the necklace while smiling for the camera.

In the comments of the video, fans applauded Hargitay for making sure that the photographers captured snaps of her necklace.

“Mother is mothering tonight ladies,” one wrote, while another added: “‘Can you go super tight…hold on’ & *adjusts glasses*. Legit obsessed at her commanding the moment.”

A third wrote: “She said LISTEN UP. CLOSE IN ON THE NECKLACE and the whole room listened. So real of them. As they should.”

Aside from showing her support for Shields at the Glamour event, Hargitay has previously opened up about their friendship. During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers in 2017, she recalled how she enlisted Shields to appear in Law & Order: SVU.

“I was at another friend of ours, Ali Wentworth has this fantastic show, and we were at a screening,” she said. “And Brooke was the guest star and was so brilliant, and so dark, and so funny. And so… funny. And so funny. And so beautiful and so powerful.”

Hargitay went on to explain that when she noticed Shields at that event, she pitched the idea to her, noting to the model that she’d be playing a grandmother on the crime show. Although Shields questioned the part at first, she ultimately agreed to do it, before making her way to the set, where Hargitay played a little joke on her.

“On the first day of her shooting, I redid the sides, which are the pages that you get when, you know, to learn your lines,” the actor said. “And it said: ‘Ellie Porter…forties,’ and I had it say: ‘Ellie Porter, early seventies.’”

However, Hargitay specified that she then made another change to slides, noting that Ellie Porter’s range was now in the early thirties.

From 2017 to 2018, the supermodel became a recurring character on the show, which saw her play the biological grandmother of Noah, the adopted son of Hargitay’s iconic character, Captain Olivia Benson.

During her interview with Glamour, in honour of her title as Woman of the Year, Shields described how much she values her female friendships. “It’s everything, and it’s upholding, and it’s necessary, and it fills in the gaps where your gay husband can’t and your real husband would never even begin to try or even know what language you’re speaking,” the Pretty Baby star said. “We are a village. You need a village. You need to ferret out the people who are going to be there when shit goes down.”

While accepting her award at Glamour’s ceremony on 7 November, she also concluded her speech by encouraging people to “hold tight to [their] female friends”.

“Just keep the good ones around you. Much of my growth is because of these brave women and other brave women in my life. And whenever I waver in support of myself, it’s these gals that hold up a mirror to me and force me to see myself the way they see me,” Shields said.