Why sci-fi horror movie No One Will Save You has no dialogue

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Why horror No One Will Save You has no dialogue20th Century Studios

Alien home invasion horror No One Will Save You is stripped down of dialogue, and for a valid reason.

Following the film's debut, director Brian Duffield weighed in on his sophomore feature being essentially dialogue-free, explaining how star Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart) helped bring the story to life despite her character Brynn only uttering one single line in the entire runtime.

"It was a character thing where this person really wants a community and doesn't think she's deserving of one. It felt like that device just amplified her character," the filmmaker told Entertainment Weekly.

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"Most of the movie there's not really a good reason for her to talk because she's trying so hard to not make a sound," he added.

"She's not going to say, 'It's an alien in my house!' Also, when you have Kaitlyn Dever, she doesn't need to say anything. She can monologue with her eyes in a really impressive way."

Duffield revealed it hadn't occurred to him that his new film was going to be mostly silent until later in production.

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"I knew there was a scene where Kaitlyn was going to try to get help at a police station," he recalled.

"I wrote that scene and subsequent scenes of Brynn having a breakdown because no one would help her. Then I realised, 'I don't think she's talked in this movie yet'. And sure enough she had not."

Debuting internationally on September 22, No One Will Save You received praise from critics, with Digital Spy hailing the movie as "one of the best surprises of the year" in our four-star review.

No One Will Save You is available to watch now on Disney+ in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

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