Why is the song ‘Carrying Your Love’ trending on TikTok?

This hilarious trend on TikTok is all about showing your loved ones some appreciation.

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Like most viral sounds on the app, its origins run deep with irony. A snippet of the song “Carrying Your Love” by David Morris became popular after sparking a trend where people shared tokens from their loved ones.

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But the chaos reached a new peak when another user re-recorded some of the track with her own vocals. Now, the “I’m carrying your love with me” trend is less romantic and more unhinged.

What is the “I’m carrying your love with me” trend on TikTok?

“Finding wee bits of glitter on my clothes,” @whatsername1.0 wrote in a caption. Then, her melodramatic and operatic “Carrying Your Love” vocals dropped to reveal her in glitter costume.

People now use the funny viral sound to share moments when their beloveds have left them with some residue of love. The sound has been used in over 44,000 videos.

“Me wondering why there is ginger hairs on me,” @daraconlon._.0 said, examining the hairs on his shirt. Then, the hilarious soundbite played to reveal his ginger dog making a funny face.

TikToker @millennialloteria did the trend from the point of view of the baby his wife is pregnant with —and it is something to behold.

However, @jimmysdownfall still believed in the song’s sentimental message

“Whenever I feel insecure bout my mama pouch I have to remember,” the caption read, and the video cut to her embracing her children as the song played.

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