Why We Should Never, Ever Eat Raw Cookie Dough

[Photo: Giphy]

Cookie dough - food of the Gods, queen of the bakery goods, king of the -

Ah, wait. According to new government research, it turns out that eating cookie dough comes with a number of health risks. And nope, it isn’t the raw eggs in them that are the problem - it’s the flour.

The FDA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating a number of E.coli issues which are believed to come from a certain type of flour, which just happens to be the one found in raw cookie dough. 

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So, 10 million pounds of flour that was coming from a certain mill had to be recalled, stat. Luckily it’s based in Kentucky, however, and isn’t circulating in the UK.

In other words, we’re all fine. But it’s an important reminder that raw foods such as cookie dough always carry certain risks with them. 

So if in doubt, cook it.

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