Will buy AK-47; thrash cops, media: JNU student

A video clip that has gone viral on social media shows a student, reportedly of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), saying that he would 'buy an AK-47 ' and resort to lathi-charging the police and media persons.

JNU protestor

'Like we were beaten, the next turn will be of police and media persons. We certainly will wield batons and bash up police as we aren't afraid of anyone,' the protestor told Republic TV. 'Do you think we're animals? We are fighting for our rights,' he added.

When Rhythm Bhardwaj, the legal editor of Republic TV, asked him categorically if his statement was tantamount to a call for arms, the student shot back: 'I'm physically handicapped and have faced the baton of the police. Can't I buy AK-47? I have the stature and power to buy it.'

The police and JNU students were involved in a clash on Tuesday which left many from both sides injured. The students have been protesting against a hike in hostel and mess fee.