What is Will Ferrell doing in these PSAs?

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Will Ferrell recently popped up in some interesting public service announcements in which he portrayed a tech-addicted father at a dinner table. A group called Common Sense Media enlisted Ferrell to promote a #DeviceFreeDinner to promote healthier and happier kids.

In the videos, Ferrell can’t peel his eyes away from his phone to pay attention to his family. One scene features him scrolling through a feed and saying, “Like, like, like…” as his wife and children watch. He eventually looks up at them and says, “Guys, honestly, five more minutes.”

In another scene, the family is having a nice conversation, discussing their day, when the comedian interjects, “Everyone shut up. This filter makes me look like a cat.”

The campaign hopes to get people to put their phones in a basket so that families can talk during dinner. But that even proves too much for Ferrell, as he begs, “So long as it’s in the basket, I can technically still touch it, right?”

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