Will Muschamp goofs on Nick Saban for Saban's boat fiasco

Will Muschamp goofed on his former boss, Nick Saban, after a successful trip to the lake. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara, File)

Whether it was his time as a defensive coordinator at Auburn and Texas or his head-coaching gigs at Florida and South Carolina, Will Muschamp hasn’t had much (read: any) success against Nick Saban and Alabama.

But he got a nice, light hearted jab in on his former boss on Twitter on Tuesday night.

With still a few weeks to go before camp begins ahead of Muschamp’s third season at South Carolina, he took some players out for a jaunt on the lake.

It went better than Saban’s lake excursion from early June.

As you can see in the video above, the Alabama players who went out on Saban’s boat thought it ran out of gas (Saban later blamed a fuel pump).

Muschamp couldn’t resist firing off this little joke:

Perhaps #HadGas can become a weird rallying cry for the Gamecocks this season, but I bet it ends up being something we make jokes about down the line.

Check that: I know it will be something we make jokes about down the line. We’ve definitely never done that before.

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