Will President Trump see 'The Post'? Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg have opinions

Steven Spielberg has another A-list Oscar contender headed to theaters with The Post, a rip-roaring account of The Washington Post’s efforts to publish the Pentagon Papers, the classified government reports which revealed that the U.S. government had been misleading the American public about the scale of our involvement in Vietnam. It’s a tale of the media standing up to a deceitful and bullying presidential administration, and one that its illustrious cast and crew rushed through production so that it might stand as a timely rebuke to our current commander in chief. So when we sat down with the film’s biggest stars, as well as its illustrious director, we had to ask: will President Trump see the movie?

“Does he see any movies?” was Tom Hanks’s typically funny — and yet scathing — retort to Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy when posed with that query. Meryl Streep was more diplomatic in her response, while Carrie Coon and Sarah Paulson pulled no punches in opining about the likelihood of Trump enduring what is, at heart, a thinly veiled censure of his ongoing Oval Office tenure — and, in particular, his antagonistic relationship with the media.

And as for Spielberg himself? Let’s just say the auteur knows a thing or two about Hollywood’s box-office realities. Watch their full exchange above.

The Post is currently playing in select theaters and opens wide Jan. 12.

Watch Spielberg, Hanks, and Streep on how ‘The Post’ is a reaction to President Trump:

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