William Shatner Gets Testy In Exchange With Fans Over His 'Star Trek' Future

Ron Dicker
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William Shatner won’t be beaming his way onto TV or film as Captain Kirk anymore. And that’s his final word on the final frontier, he says.

In a Twitter chat with fans this week, the original “Star Trek” icon firmly shot down the possibility of him appearing in any new production.

A Twitter user asked Shatner if he’d consider a series focused on Kirk, now that Patrick Stewart is starring in CBS All Access’s “Star Trek: Picard.”

“No,” Shatner responded. “I think Kirk’s story is pretty well played out at this point.”

In case any loyalists still held out hope, Shatner went on to rebuff another query about an offshoot of the franchise.

What was any different about my statement on Kirk that I haven’t said before? I don’t do cameos (that one stretches back to 2008 & JJ) Kirk’s story is well told out of any other captain’s story. Kirk died in Generations. What is really left? Adventures in the ribbon?”

One Trekkie tried to calm Shatner’s apparent annoyance by telling the actor that fans were merely inquiring because they love and miss him. “Please don’t be angry with them,” the person wrote.

Shatner, 88, said half-kiddingly last year he’d be up to play an older, pudgier Kirk if Quentin Tarantino’s proposed “Star Trek” were greenlighted, but it looks like the actor has now changed his mind about future productions. (Tarantino appears to be backing away from that project anyway.)

(Photo: Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP)
(Photo: Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP)

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