Woman Admits 'Regret' Over Not Buying Puffin Sweater Years Ago. Days Later, It Shows Up at Her Front Door

Celia Robbins first stumbled across the sweater in Iceland in 2021

<p>Nathan Robbins</p> Celia Robbins wearing puffins sweater.

Nathan Robbins

Celia Robbins wearing puffins sweater.

One woman's long-standing regret has finally been resolved.

On June 2, Celia Robbins took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to disclose her deepest regret, prompted by a question from her 14-year-old daughter.

“My daughter asked, ‘Do you ever have any regrets, Mom?’ And while I know she was asking this question on a philosophical level, my mind immediately went to this puffin sweater I saw in Iceland,” tweeted Robbins, a freelancer and mother of four, along with a picture of the sweater.

“It’s been three years since I saw it in a shop there, and I still regret not buying it,” she added.

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Soon after posting, Robbins' tweet went viral, attracting almost 4.4 million views and over 2,000 reposts. Then, by a stroke of luck, the tweet caught the attention of Dave Wiskus, CEO of Nebula, based in New York.

“My regret is that I bought this exact sweater for my wife two years ago. She has worn it zero times. I’m in NYC. Cover shipping and it’s yours,” Wiskus commented on the post.

Unsure if Wiskus was serious, Robbins hesitated, only to later receive confirmation: “I would never joke about a puffin sweater,” he replied.

On June 12, Robbins received the sweater in the mail at her home in Berlin, Germany, where her family moved a year ago from Ithaca, New York. Wiskus had covered the shipping costs and expedited the delivery.

“People are amazing!” Robbins tweeted. “Just 10 days ago, I shared a thought about one of my regrets in life. Of course, not buying a sweater sounds like a minor regret, but SO MANY could relate! And then @dwiskus made my wish a reality. This sweater made it from NYC to Berlin in record time!”

Speaking to Today, Wiskus shared how he came across the tweet on his "for you" page while scrolling through the app during his work trip in Amsterdam.

He recalled seeing the exact sweater, still with the tag on it, which he had bought two years ago at the same shop for his wife during a work trip to Iceland.

“I was sincere. I would happily get rid of that sweater,” he told the outlet. “I didn’t realize so many people on the internet would be that excited about it."

He continued, "I can’t stress enough, I really thought this was just, like, doing a funny bit with a random stranger on X and it’s just turned into this other thing. But the sincerity of it is what I find so charming.”

<p>Nathan Robbins</p> Celia Robbins wearing puffins sweater.

Nathan Robbins

Celia Robbins wearing puffins sweater.

Wiskus added that when he told his wife he was sending over the sweater, she was fine with it, but joked that he needed to take her back to Iceland.

Looking back, Robbins said that when she received the package she "almost started crying.”

“I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s like a tiny little moment where the universe cared about me," she said.

She added that since then, Wiskus made plans to travel to Berlin this summer. He and Robbins have already made arrangements to meet in person.

“Who would think people would be so nice about a puffin sweater?” she said. “It just feels so serendipitous that it really is the exact sweater that I wanted."

“Everyone wants to believe that if they were to make a wish like this, the wish could come true. And seeing that happen, it makes the world a little bit more magical," she added.

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