This Woman Bought Her Ex Cowboys Tickets Before He Dumped Her, So She Went To The Game Anyway

Ryan Nagelhout


Never break up with someone a few days before Christmas. It’s an easy rule one Cowboys fan learned about the hard way after he broke up with a woman via text message before the couple exchanged Christmas Presents. What that fool didn’t know is that his now-ex fiancé had bought him Cowboys tickets for Christmas.

Well, now the whole world knows. Good job, buddy. She took a sign and now everyone knows you broke up with someone via SMS. Plus she got to go to an NFL game and you did not. Good luck overcoming that little nugget on Tinder.

This is an important lesson for us all, one I was taught in high school by a math teacher. Sometime in late November my junior year, he asked the class who was currently dating someone. Some hands went up. He pointed them out and said, essentially, that because those people were in relationships this close to Thanksgiving, that they now had to ride it out until the new year. Unless something really terrible happens, it’s best not to break up with anyone. Ending relationships during the holidays, he said, only makes a mess of things.

There are obviously exceptions here, but this is a good example of the rule. Christmas gifts are purchased. Family holiday time is arranged. Potentially embarrassing questions are posited by distant relatives when empty chairs are met with blank stares. Avoid this at all costs.

Mr. Touchette’s holiday dating rule may not be ironclad if you’re dating an awful person, but it applies here. This guy messed up, and he’s seeing the consequences of this now play out on a national scale. So good on this woman for making the most of it. I hope she had good seats for the game.

Based on some of the Twitter responses, she made the right call:



What I’m saying here is that maybe this guy should have paid more attention in math class. They always said you’ll use that stuff for the rest of your life.


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