Woman disguises herself in bush costume to covertly photograph sister’s proposal

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
A woman captured her sister's proposal moment from a bush. [Photo: Twitter]

A woman has told how she dressed up as a bush in order to covertly capture her sister’s engagement moment.

Therese Merkel, 23, told her Twitter followers how she disguised herself to blend in with the wilderness to watch her sister Rachel getting proposed to by partner Andrew Philibeck.

The post features images of Merkel dressed in a head-to-toe twig-covered bush costume, and disguised in among some foliage, next to the cute shot of the surprise engagement moment, featuring sunflowers and lights.

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“We are one years apart...why are our lives so different,” Merkel lamented in the post. The tweet has quickly gone viral, receiving more than 170,000 likes at time of writing.

Merkel opened up more about the engagement to Yahoo UK.

She tells us: “Andrew and I started devising about a month prior. We had an hour long phone call where he asked for my approval to be wed. Me and my sister are incredibly close, so i’m like the second string of parents he has to go though, we didn’t make it easy.

Merkel then helped her brother-in-law to be plan the hilarious proposal, which she played a crucial part in.

“Apart from being in the special moment, I taped the whole thing. While I was hiding, I had the perfect view to the whole thing— Andrew knew I was hiding and wasn’t even sure I was there when he walked down— thats how baller this suit was. He wrote her a loving poem, and then got down on one knee,” she says.

Rachel and Andrew's engagement moment. [Photo: Therese Merkel]
Rachel and Andrew after they got engaged. [Photo: Therese Merkel]

She adds: “After Taylor spilled the beans that Rachel and Andrew weren't alone, I revealed myself by screaming ‘She said yes!’. Rachel was very confused and I was legitimately crying tears of joy because of how special the whole event was.”

As for the responses on social media, people are congratulating the couple, as well as calling Merkel’s gesture “sweet” and saying she is “the best sister”.

A number of users are also tagging their friends in the comments thread below, saying they would be in Merkel’s position.

Merkel isn’t the first to go the extra mile in order to help a loved one pull off the perfect proposal moment.

Earlier this year, a man went viral after taking the role of petal thrower at his best friend’s proposal.

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Charbel Abillama proposed to his girlfriend Kristina on the stairs outside of the famous Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa, Canada, and enlisted his friend Wael Mansour as an unofficial ‘petal thrower’ to add a touch of romance.

In a clip, he can be seen lovingly throwing rose petals from behind the stairs with a smile plastered across his face, as his friend got down on one knee.

But not everyone is so helpful. Last year, a couple went viral after sharing their “honest” proposal moment which was ruined by a passing cyclist.

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