Woman buying her husband a lottery ticket wins $452,886 for herself

A Genesee County, Mich., woman buying a Fast Play lottery ticket for her husband picked up a couple tickets of her own and won a $452,886 jackpot. Photo courtesy of the Michigan Lottery

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- A Michigan woman said running an errand for her husband paid off when she scored a $452,886 lottery prize.

The 70-year-old Genesee County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she went to MoJoe's Food and Spirits in Davison to buy a lottery ticket for her husband.

"My husband won $10 playing the Lucky 7s Fast Cash game and asked me to buy him another ticket," the player said. "While I was getting his ticket, I decided to buy two Double Win Wild Time tickets for myself."

The woman's second Double Win Wild Time Fast Cash game had a surprise in store.

"The first ticket wasn't a winner, but when I scanned the second ticket, I got a message I hadn't seen before. I got to better lighting, and looked over the ticket and saw it was a jackpot winner," she said.

The winner said she showed the ticket to her husband to double-check it.

"When he looked at the ticket and realized it was a jackpot winner, he said a few choice words and then we started celebrating with everyone at MoJoe's," she said.

The $452,886 winner said the prize money will allow her to pay off her home, fund an Alaska fishing trip for her husband and son and share with her family.