Woman divides internet after filming boyfriend’s reaction to being called her husband

One of the latest trends for couples on TikTok is to see how a boyfriend reacts to being called “husband.”

In a since-deleted video, Kenzie Greene took to the platform to try the trend with her boyfriend. However, as soon as she gave him the wrong title, he quickly chimed in to clarify, “I’m not your husband.”

After posting, people were quick to either stitch the video or comment to allege that he was way too quick to give such a negative answer and that this was a sign her boyfriend did not like her.

“This woman called her boyfriend ‘her husband’ to see his reaction on TikTok and the way he said ‘I’m not your husband’ so abruptly. Girl, he should be an ex,” one person wrote about the video on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Another person on X agreed, writing: “To the TikTok lady that had her bf say ‘I’m not your husband’ SO QUICK after she referred to him as ‘my husband’ should know that was an instant declaration that he does not see himself marrying her at all if he finds the ‘husband’ label unnerving even if it’s just de facto.”

Following the negative response, Greene posted a follow-up video that was also later deleted, where she took the opportunity to explain why her boyfriend was so quick to correct her.

According to the TikToker, her boyfriend said that she has made entire videos in which she’s made the mistake of calling him her husband and he normally stays silent about it until she then has to refilm the entire thing. This time, he wanted to correct her mistake early on to avoid her having to film the entire clip again.

However, many people weren’t happy with the explanation, with some continuing to claim that her boyfriend’s reaction wasn’t a good indicator of the strength of their relationship.

The TikToker made one final video on the subject split into two parts, where she attempted to explain all of the good things her boyfriend does for her and said that the video was originally supposed to be a joke.

“He really does treat me well, and I don’t want you guys to think that he doesn’t,” Greene said. “I know he loves me and we plan on getting married once I graduate college. It’s totally fine.”

For the third time, the comments section didn’t appear to be convinced of what Greene was saying.

“When you gotta over explain, deep down you know,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “You never have to explain something that’s real…if your relationship is solid…you don’t have to explain this much.”

“We could all see the hurt and surprise in your face,” a third commenter pointed out. “That man said what he did with disdain. I hope you find someone who’d be proud to be with you.”

Other commenters tried to make Greene feel better in spite of the backlash.

“People on social media think they can judge an entire relationship based off of a 30-second clip. It’s insane. Hoping for the best for you two!” one comment read.

“Every comment is someone sending you love. It will all be okay. Internet memory is short and all things pass,” another commenter echoed.