This woman is Emma Watson's doppelgänger

Makeup artist transforms herself into actress Emma Watson. (Photo: Instagram.VeroVanity)

It’s no surprise that lots of women and girls look up to Emma Watson. Not only is she Hermione Granger and Belle on screen, but in real life she’s a Brown University graduate and United Nations Ambassador. However, one 21-year-old has taken her admiration of the actress to another level.

By using her amazing makeup skills, Verona Koliqi, who goes by @veronavanity on Instagram, was able to make her face look a lot like Watson’s. “I was inspired by what a strong powerful woman she is and wanted to try to transform my face into hers,” Koliqi tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “When I was younger my surroundings always told me I looked slightly like her so I thought this would be a fun look, I tested my abilities and attempted the look.”

Commenters couldn’t help but notice how much Koliqi, a law student from London, looks like Watson with just some contouring, eyeshadow, and lip color.

“Wow, it’s really good! Looks like Emma Watson,” wrote one. “This is so cool like it’s literally just makeup and you changed your entire face you’re really good,” added another.

Koliqi’s passion for makeup began just as a hobby, but now with a few thousand followers, she sees Instagram as a platform to help turn her passion into something bigger.

“When I was bored at home I would create looks just for fun and then wiped it away,” she says. “As I got older I saw that Instagram gives the opportunity to share everything, so I decided to create a makeup page this year.”

She has attempted other celebrity looks including Cardi B and makeup mogul Huda Kattan.

“My goals in life are to inspire people through the art of makeup, give people who want to take a break from the stressful world by showing them creative, colorful fun looks,” she says. “Also, I would love to create my own line of makeup to share my ideas with everybody as I’m full of them.”

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