Woman fired after penning Facebook rant threatening mothers who breastfeed in public

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A South Carolina woman learned the hard way that what you post online can have serious consequences offline.

Carly Clark of Spartanburg, S.C. made headlines after taking to Facebook to rant about mothers who breastfeed in public.

In a post from July, which has since been deleted, Clark threatened to “punch” any woman and their child if she saw them publicly breastfeeding.

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“I’m not sorry,” Clark began. “The next female that tries to whip her boob out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby [because] I’ll punch it too #zerocare #why #inpublicletsjustshowkidsboobs #notmine.”

Unsurprisingly, Clark’s post received an onslaught of criticism from women outraged by her regressive mindset. According to Fatherly, when confronted, Clark refused to back down and replied to her critics saying, “Do what you want, but I find it very immature that you as a mother would go out of your way to come to a place that you know I work at and breastfeed…[I don’t care] who breastfeeds when my kids aren’t around. Pulling your boob out in front of my kids on purpose just to prove a point is simply represented by who you are as a person. ”

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At the time, Clark worked at a chain of pet stores called Petsense. After her controversial outburst, the company fired Clark, and issued a public apology that has since received 111 shares on Facebook.

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“Petsense demands the highest standards in ethical and personal behavior from our employees,” the post began. “We absolutely would never condone violence such as was recently posted by a former Petsense employee.”

Many were quick to praise the company for their decision.

“Thank you for doing the right thing,” one woman wrote. “People who are comfortable assaulting a breastfeeding mother AND a child have no place in any work environment with an emphasis on compassion.”

“Thanks for standing up for what is right and getting this cancer out of your company,” a male user wrote. “Women shouldn’t have to feel threatened by taking care of their babies no matter the place or location. Thank you for getting rid of the problem.”

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