Woman gives birth in her bathtub after she says hospital sent her home

A couple said they had to trust their instincts while giving birth to their firstborn at home after the hospital allegedly sent them home just hours prior.

On August 23, Leo and LeeAnn Bienaime went to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Virginia around 8:30 p.m., according to WTKR. The couple said they were told to come back when LeeAnn's contractions were more intense.

“I was told that I should come back when my contractions were when you can’t really walk and you can’t really talk through them,” LeeAnn told the station.

The couple drove the 25-minutes home but, as LeeAnn has a high pain tolerance, she wasn't sure when they should head back to the hospital until it was too late.

“If I could do it again, I would’ve just sat in the waiting room and not left. We would’ve pitched a tent. We would’ve started a fire. We would’ve just straight-up camped,” Leo joked.

LeeAnn eventually felt her son's head, and while she wanted to hold back the labor until professionals arrived, the couple realized there was no time. Leo called 911 as LeeAnn got into the bathtub.

“I had to let instinct take over and just go with it and kind of release myself to the experience,” said LeeAnn.

Approximately four hours after leaving the hospital, they welcomed their son, Joachim, to the world in the early hours of Aug. 24.

Leo took a photo of the moment, as LeeAnn held Joachim for the first time in their bathtub.

“Everyone that we showed the picture to was like, 'Wait... why is there shampoo in the background?'” said Leo. “Don’t try this at home.”

The couple heaped praise on both the responding firefighters and the woman who answered their 911 call from the Chesapeake Safety Operations Center.

"She was the sweetest lady," Leo said. "I wish I could get her name and give her some cookies."

Despite the hospital sending the couple away, LeeAnn claims she isn't "completely enraged," as they had a "healthy birth" and a "healthy baby boy."

“I feel like if it had gone another way, it would’ve been a different story," she said.

While Naval Medical Center Portsmouth did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment, the following statement was provided to WTKR: "Naval Medical Center Portsmouth is committed to ensuring the safety of every patient and providing high quality care. Whenever a patient has a concern about their care and treatment, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with them and resolve any potential issues. Due to HIPAA, we cannot discuss anything specific on an individual's medical treatment without their authorization. The patient has been contacted directly about her care while here at NMCP."

Yahoo Lifestyle was not immediately able to locate Leo and LeeAnn Bienaime for comment.

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