Woman gives rundown on how to nail the ’90s NYC ‘fall girlie’ aesthetic and TikTokers are eating it up: ‘This is what I’m trying to channel’

Is there a season more coveted by fashion girlies? From embarking on their annual Gilmore Girls rewatch, a show that evokes that quintessential fall feeling, to documenting the ways they’ve decorated their apartments to usher in sweater weather, Gen Z-ers have been quite vocal about their adoration for one of the year’s coziest seasons.

And while fall doesn’t officially begin until Sept. 22, one creator has taken to TikTok to share how to embody a particularly chic aesthetic: The ’90s “fall girlie” in Manhattan.

“How to get that perfect ’90s Manhattan, New York energy this autumn,” Sabah (@callingbeauty), the creator of London-based beauty brand Calling Beauty said on Sept. 7. A ’90s baby herself, Sabah provided pointers on how best to achieve the “very specific, sophisticated yet cozy ambiance” of this type of woman.

“First of all, we’ve got to do our homework,” she said. “Now, there’s classics like ‘You’ve Got Mail’ with the queen herself, Meg Ryan. But also ‘One Fine Day.’ Running out of the rain wearing oversized trench coats with George Clooney in New York? Sign me up.”

“The Devil Wears Prada” and, a favorite for Sabah, “The First Wives Club,” are other movies that capture that “cozy, step out from the cold type of energy.”

Looking to ’90s supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington for which items to invest in are integral to nailing the fall aesthetic, Sabah said.

“What this means for me is beautiful tailoring. High-quality fabrics in muted colors that work really well together, so that creating outfits is not a full-time job because you actually have one. Definitely boot season,” she added.

Sabah’s suggestion also seems to fall in line with what Vogue has deemed “the season’s biggest look: pared-back, everyday clothes, executed in best-in-class fabrics” as “timelessness” has been the watchword in fashion for some time now.”

To achieve a chic coziness indoors, Sabah suggested going for “a really muted palette that is deepened with more warm earthy tones and mixed texture” in terms of interior design.

Even the simplest act of buying a new notebook in preparation for the school year or investing in a new bag for work, according to Sabah, are subtle yet powerful ways to reestablish a routine for the coming season.

“Looking at your routine and maybe adjusting your morning routine for the fact that it’s a little bit darker in the mornings,” she also suggested. “And finding what gets you excited to get out of bed.”

And as we continue to transition into colder months, the Calling Beauty founder emphasized the reliance on hydrating your skin and reaching for cooler-toned eyeshadows.

“You wanna have flawless, hydrated skin,” she explained. “Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, I love this idea over a ton. Cool toned eyeshadows and neutral lip. Really clean hair. Whether that’s just a classic ’90s blow dry or a chic minimal updo.”

In fact, “Pumpkin Spice” or “Pumpkin Spice Latte” makeup is now trending on TikTok and embodies that effortless fall glam-grunge look.

“Using your bronzer as eye shadow is a clever way to bring warmth and depth to your eyes, while matching the tone on your cheeks for a cohesive look,” Mat Wulff, a professional makeup artist and Ulta Beauty Pro team member, told Glamour. “Then complete the look with a brown lip liner paired with a clear gloss on the lips to get that natural autumn hue.”

TikTok user @audreysattiffanys praised Sabah for creating the video and revealed that their “entire aesthetic” is based on these films: “Yess I’ve been waiting for someone to capture this aesthetic forever! 90s fall time New York classy vibes!!”

“This is what I’m trying to channel,” @jensinclair wrote in response to Sabah’s TikTok. @alexiswella added, “This entire aesthetic is all I want in life.”

@laurenerickson56 also recommended a candle to achieve peak coziness at home. “Anthropologie has a candle called Moody Manhattan and it’s perfect for the vibes,” she wrote.

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