Woman hides in ex-boyfriend’s car with knife then tries to kill him, PA officials say

A Pennsylvania man was on his way to work when authorities say his ex-girlfriend sprung up from the backseat of his car and tried to kill him, officials told news outlets.

Paige Nicole Lander, 23, was taken into custody Sept. 14 on charges including attempted murder, assault and terroristic threats, court documents show.

Officers were already searching for Lander that morning after family contacted police out of concern for her safety, Explorejeffersonpa.com reported.

At about 6 a.m., officers responded to a call about a stabbing at the home of Lander’s 20-year-old ex-boyfriend in Warsaw Township, the newspaper reported.

The victim told police he was trying to leave for work but was stopped by a vehicle blocking the driveway, according to the outlet. Just as he recognized the vehicle was Lander’s, she lunged from the backseat of his car, knife at the ready, the outlet reported.

He was cut and stabbed in the face, neck and hand during the struggle, according to WTAJ.

The man escaped and Lander ran from the scene, officials told the station.

Investigators later found bloodstained cleaning wipes and a folding knife, as well as blood on Lander’s pants, news outlets reported.

The victim dated Lander for several months, he told investigators, but when they broke up, she continued messaging him until he blocked her, the outlet reported.

Lander’s bail has been set at $400,000, documents show.

Warsaw Township is roughly 90 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh.

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