Woman shamed over reason for rejecting boyfriend’s vacation plans: ‘Why are you with this guy?’

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A woman doesn’t want to go on vacation with her boyfriend’s family because she feels like a maid

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if it was OK for her to sit this one out. Her boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend are expected to be there and they don’t work because they each have an undisclosed disability. The issue is, that while on the last vacation, the Reddit poster was expected to do the couple’s laundry and cook and clean for them. 

“My boyfriend’s family does yearly vacations. Last year, we traveled with his brother and his girlfriend,” the Reddit poster explained. “They don’t have jobs…some sort of disability, but it’s hush-hush, so IDK what it is. While we were there, they didn’t do anything. Didn’t help cook or clean up or even their own laundry, cause, ‘we’re on vacation and relaxing.’ After about four days of this, I lost it and asked them exactly what they’re on vacation from? Sitting on their a** at home vs sitting on their a**** here? It caused a big argument and a dark cloud settled over the last few days. My bad should have kept my mouth shut — not my family, and their dynamic is different from mine.”

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The poster manages a grocery store and after the vacation, the toilet paper crisis hit.

“It’s been nonstop stress and exhaustion This year they are planning a trip to a mountain lake,” the woman wrote. “Normally, I would love to go, but I’m too tired and the idea of being his brother’s maid again puts me right over the edge. I declined. Boyfriend understands but says we can do our own thing. I know that’s not going to happen. The family caters to the brother. His mom said she really needs an extra set of hands to help her with taking care of everything and wants me there. The idea of her doing it by herself makes me feel shame for staying home.”

Reddit users reassured the woman it was OK to stay home. 

“Why are you with this guy again?” someone wrote

“You are not there to pick up someone else’s slack,” another said

“Your boyfriend’s mom wants you there to help her play housemaid to her other son and his girlfriend while they relax,” a user commented

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