This is what happens when women accept compliments from men

Hey ladies, here’s a social experiment. The next time you receive a compliment from a man respond with “thank you, I know.”

That was the challenge put forward by social worker, author and activist Feminista Jones, after she experienced some less than pleasant responses.

She went on to explain how several men got offended when she accepted their compliment instead of downplaying it.

Her original tweet has since received more than 8,000 likes, more than 4,500 retweets, and plenty of women responding with a resounding “Amen!”

Reactions varied from stunned…

To rude…

To downright creepy and patronizing.

Umm, sorry for destroying your illusion of innocence, bro.

The good news is that Feminista Jone’s twitter conversation gave some people a new perspective on women accepting compliments.

“Just because you don’t do it or you don’t see it being done, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen,” said Jones to Buzzfeed. “When men go, ‘Not all men,’ they make it about ‘I’ve never seen it, I’ve never done it… so it can’t be true.’”


At the very least, we now know how to get rid of unwanted dudes on Tinder. All it takes is a little self confidence and an unapologetic attitude.

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