Woman slams roommate over her ‘entitled’ financial request: ‘She needs to be an adult’

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A 29-year-old woman got fed up after doing her roommate’s taxes for eight years. 

She asked Reddit’s ‘Am I the A******” forum if it was OK to quit helping her roommate out. The woman, who is dyslexic, has her sister help her with her and her roommate’s taxes every year. She then treats her sister out to a free meal as a thank you. But when her roommate refused to help out or chip in for her sister’s meal, the Reddit poster had finally had enough.

“My roommate and I have been living together for nine years,” she explained. “This whole time, I’ve filed her taxes every year until last year. Every year, she’d hand me her W2, SS card and ID, and I’d go to my sister’s place to file her taxes online. I get my sister’s help because I’m dyslexic and don’t want to accidentally mix up any numbers while filing. I would always ask my roommate if she wanted to go with us and she would refuse, choosing to stay home and watch shows instead. Whenever my sister helps me with taxes, I treat her out for lunch as thanks.”

After years of doing her taxes, the Reddit poster finally cut the free service short. 

“She would never go with me to file her taxes, saying that she trusted me,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I’d take screenshots of everything to show her what was filed, how much she would get, etc. When she’d get her tax return, she’d accuse me of stealing some of it, though I could always prove that I didn’t. She never pitched in any money toward treating my sister out for lunch as thanks for her help but would also get mad if we didn’t bring back food for her. Last year, I told her that I wasn’t going to do her taxes anymore. She whined about not knowing how to do it and being too anxious to go to a professional. She didn’t file at all last year. This year, she asked me to do her taxes and I refused. She started crying and said that I’m ruining everything by not helping her.”

Reddit users believed the roommate was behaving immaturely. 

“The ‘friend’ is lazy and entitled,” one user commented

“She needs to be an adult and own up to her actions,” another said. 

“Your roommate is being an entitled idiot who is going to end up in legal trouble for not filing,” someone wrote.

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