Woman sparks co-parenting debate after complaining she ‘procreated with an idiot’

Caroline Allen
Woman who “procreated with an idiot” sparks debate after she says she worries about the impact he is having on her child. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has caused a debate on Mumsnet after complaining that her ex is an “idiot” and she is “worried about the impact of his influence” over her seven-year-old son.

The woman split up with her ex-partner when her son was a baby. She has described the past six years as “turbulent”.

She took to Mumsnet to say: “I don’t want to confuse my son [sic] with two polar opposite parents.”

“I don’t want to obviously undermine his dad but the man is an idiot and I don’t want my son [sic] to grow up following his ways.” She continues. 

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This sparked a debate amongst other users, resulting in almost 100 messages in a matter of hours.

Some have suggested she should try to minimise contact between her son and his father. One user says: “I would try to minimise his contact with him. Without stopping it or obstructing obviously.”

The woman described her ex’s new partner as “lovely” and many of the users have used their own experiences to reassure the anxious mother.

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One user said: “If the new partner is lovely, there is a good chance some of her loveliness will rub off on your ex. I’ve seen it happen to my own brother.”

Another said: “My ex now has a lovely new wife and it makes me feel quite reassured.”

Many of the comments encouraged the woman to keep doing what she’s doing.

One popular piece of advice said, “You won’t be able to change his parenting style. You just have to continue parenting as you do and instilling good moral values.”

Another commented: “Your son has apparently had this bad influence from his father for all these years, but he is turning out fine. If he isn’t badly affected after 6 years of this, I’d say that things are OK.”

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