This woman suffered horrific burns from an essential oil diffuser

Image via Facebook/Emily Smith

A 24-year-old woman from the U.K. has revealed horrific facial burns after vapour from an essential oil diffuser sprayed her in the face.

Emily Smith was celebrating national Bonfire Night at home with her boyfriend, when she decided to burn oils next to the fireplace. Using a “popular” electric diffuser, Smith held down the off button once the room filled with its scent.

“In the process of turning the appliance off, some of the vapor from the diffuser must have sprayed onto my face.

“But I didn’t think anything of it. While I was somewhat aware of the danger of getting essential oils directly on my skin, I was unaware that the vapourized ‘diluted’ oil from my diffuser could also be dangerous.”

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The Londoner explained later that night while adding a log to the fire, she felt a sudden stinging sensation on her face.

As the pain increased she contacted emergency services who suggested she wash her face with cold water, take some pain killers and sleep it off.

The next morning, waking to a burning sensation and inflamed face, she rushed herself to the hospital.

Smith took to Facebook with worsening photos of her wounds.

Image via Facebook/Emily Smith

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In the detailed post, she wrote: “I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize myself.”

“My face had swollen, my eyes were blurred and continually watering and my skin looked pusy. I’m extremely fortunate to have my sight at all, and lucky that the burn wasn’t worse.”

Now the 24-year-old is warning others about the dangers of burning essential oils after the incident “scarred her for life.”

Smith says the burns wouldn’t have been so severe if she had known to seek medical attention immediately.

“Oil does not just ‘wash’ off. When I soaked my face in a bowl of water, I was not really relieving my burn. I was marinating my face in the cause of my troubles.”

“I have suffered permanent eye damage and am potentially facially scarred for life,” she said.

“It was a life-changing incident that was preventable.”

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