Woman surprises podcast co-hosts with live engagement announcement: ‘Why am I crying?’

 (TikTok / Life Uncut Podcast)
(TikTok / Life Uncut Podcast)

A woman has gone viral for the heartwarming way she announced her engagement to her podcast co-hosts.

Brittany Hockley, an Australian reality TV star, revealed to her Life Uncut podcast co-host, Laura Byrne, that she was engaged to Swiss professional footballer Benjamin Siegrist in a way that has the entire internet in tears. During the podcast episode, which dropped on June 13, the podcasters recorded their “Ask Uncut” segment, in which they answer questions about friendship, relationships, and dating and offer their advice.

However, when it came time for Hockley to share a question they received via “email,” it was clear the question touched a little close to home. “I’ve been single for the better part of 10 years and I was always the single friend watching all my friends fall in love, which made me so happy,” the Australian Bachelor star said during the podcast. “But it was definitely hard because I love love and I started to think maybe it wasn’t for me.”

“Then in 2022, I met this amazing guy but he lived overseas,” Hockley continued, which prompted a raised eyebrow from podcast producer Keeshia Pettit. “My friends were really concerned because long distance is never easy and I’ve always had commitment issues, but this time it felt different and I thought he was worth it.”

“Flash forward to now and I’ve never been happier, and last week on a beautiful island he asked me to be his wife,” the radio host said, as she began to well up with tears. Her co-host Byrne even noticed that she was emotional over the supposedly anonymous question, and asked Hockley: “Are you crying?”

She continued: “I just want to know what’s a cute way to tell my friends that I’m getting married.”

As Hockley flashed her diamond engagement ring, her colleagues became stunned after realizing the anonymous question was actually from Hockley. Byrne gasped in excitement, as someone off-camera popped a confetti cannon.

“Spoiler, it’s me,” Hockley said through tears, jokingly raising her hand in the air.

Pettit reached over to embrace Hockley in a hug, while Byrne sat in her chair still in shock. “How did you leave it to the third question,” she asked Hockley, who casually revealed: “Because you got diarrhea! I was going to tell you on Monday.”

The podcast recording then cut to Hockley wearing a white bridal veil, as Byrne told her co-host: “Oh my god, honey. I’m so happy for you. I love you so much.”

A video of the on-air engagement announcement went viral on TikTok, with nearly 800,000 views since it was posted on Wednesday. In the comments section, thousands of TikTok users applauded Hockley for the way she surprised her podcast co-hosts.

“THIS WAS THE BEST WAY TO TELL THEM,” one TikToker commented.

“This was elite!” another user said. “The reveal, the reactions, the love in this room. Amazing! Congrats Britt!”

Some people also admitted that they weren’t loyal fans of the Life Uncut podcast, but the viral video had made them emotional all the same.

“I’m crying and I don’t even follow this podcast,” said one person.

“Why am I crying?” another asked. “I don’t even know her but I’m so happy for her.”

“Another day of crying for strangers on Tiktok,” a third user jokingly said.

Earlier this week, Hockley – who rose to fame after appearing on The Bachelor Australia in 2015 – revealed she was engaged to Siegrist in a post shared on Instagram. “In any lifetime it’s a YES!” she captioned the post. “Just two people loving each other for the rest of our lives.”

In one selfie, Hockley showed off her engagement ring while standing on a beach with her now-fiancé. Cameras had captured the moment Siegrist got down on one knee and popped the question. The pair were also seen posing on a boat during their vacation getaway, and sharing a kiss at sunset.