Woman Tells Sister-in-Law Her Kids Are the Reason She's Child-Free: 'They Stole My Keepsakes'

A woman writes on Reddit that her sister-in-law's kids lied about stealing sentimental items

<p>Getty</p> Woman sitting while two kids fight behind her


Woman sitting while two kids fight behind her

A woman is stirring conversation online after sharing that her sister-in-law's kids are the primary reason she wants to remain child-free.

In a post shared anonymously to Reddit, the woman (who shares that she and her husband are in their late 30s) writes, "I can’t decide if I should feel guilty about this or just be angry."

According to her post, the woman's sister-in-law has two kids, ages 7 and 9. "They are staying with us for a week because they wanted to visit our city for vacation," she continues.

"We have a bookcase of keepsakes in the living room. We have flowers from our wedding in resin, I have my granddad’s coin collection, we have trinkets from trips we’ve been on, and other things," she writes, adding that the bookcase contains "two shelves worth" of sentimental items.

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But following the visit from the kids, the woman writes that she noticed two things had mysteriously gone missing: her wedding flowers and a bracelet from a middle school friend.

"Obviously I kind of freaked out and I asked my [sister-in-law] if she had any idea. Her kids were also there and they looked a little odd so I asked them if they knew anything," the woman writes. "They said no but they looked upset."

Ultimately, the woman says that her sister-in-law "got mad and said I can’t accuse her kids of anything."

<p>Getty</p> two kids playing on a couch


two kids playing on a couch

After the woman insisted upon looking in the kids' room, she found the missing items.

"I asked the kids why they took them and they said they looked cool," the woman writes, adding that her sister-in-law "told me not to make such a big deal and the kids were scared."

"I said kids like this are why we’re childfree," the woman writes in the post.

That response lead her sister-in-law to say she "crossed a line."

"I think the kids heard too because they were probably hanging around upstairs and trying to listen in. But I truly didn’t mean for them to hear," the woman continues.

<p>Getty</p> two women arguing


two women arguing

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Her husband, meanwhile, sided with her, but with a caveat: "My husband says I’m right but since we got the stuff back I could have let it go. And not drag him into it."

Commenters on Reddit have overwhelmingly sided with the original poster, with one writing, "Why is your [sister-in-law] not concerned that her children are liars and thieves? My kid absolutely knew better WAY younger than that. Where’s the parenting???"

Others argued that the sister-in-law was "doing her kids a disservice," adding: "They are not being taught right from wrong or boundaries."

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