Woman torches her own wedding dress after escaping an abusive marriage

Screenshot from video footage/KMOV

A woman is celebrating her recent divorce with a symbolic garage sale — and the torching of her wedding dress.

Briana Barksdale, who survived an abusive marriage, hosted the “divorce garage sale” to rid herself of the memories that haunted her – but the centerpiece, a fluffy white bridal gown she wore 13 years prior, was not up for sale.

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“This is for every woman who has ever been in a relationship that was abusive, that hurt, that they shouldn’t have stayed in, that they didn’t know how to get out of,” she said to news cameras, before dousing the mounted dress with gasoline.

Surrounded by friends and family, Barksdale sparked a lighter at the hem of the dress in her driveway of her Texas home.

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“Burn, baby, burn,” the divorcee sung as the gown bursted into flames.

“It was a really rough situation, it was a bad situation — there are still criminal charges pending so I can’t talk about a lot of it, but yeah, not a great guy,” she told a KMOV reporter.

According to the news outlet, Barksdale finalized her divorce on Jan. 31 and bartered most of her ex-husband’s belongings at the sale.

USA Today reported the divorcee sold everything from a computer for $30 to some items for 50 cents.

Relationship coach and matchmaker, Carmelia Ray, says in the age of social media, people have become more open about their divorces.

“We’ve gotten rid of the privacy aspect of relationships and the idea of a divorce is so common,” she told Global News. She adds that although divorce is often misinterpreted as failure, more people are willing to leave something that isn’t working out.

“It takes a lot of courage to get out of a relationship,” she said.

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