All the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, misconduct and/or assault

Jennifer Kline,

Since the New York Times went public with its Harvey Weinstein exposé on October 5, the number of women who have publicly accused him of sexual harassment, misconduct and/or assault has more than quadrupled.

In the month following the bombshell report, 78 women have come forward, and the similarities between the stories are striking: In nearly every instance made public so far, Weinstein allegedly coerced each woman to enter his hotel room or personal office at Weinstein Co. Once inside, he often allegedly asked women to give him a massage and watch him masturbate or shower. In some cases, the encounters escalated to the point of nonconsensual sexual contact.

Many of these women are famous faces, but their disturbing brushes with Weinstein occurred when they were younger, before they became household names. Others never became as famous -- or were never pursuing acting careers, like in the case of one of his former employees.

In the gallery below are nearly all of the alleged victims who have spoken out so far. Some are absent from the gallery; their names and stories are listed underneath the gallery.

Here is a photo compilation of all the women who have come forward as of October 10, 2017:

Not included in slideshow (Updated 10/20/17):

An anonymous actress has accused Weinstein of raping her. She decided not to go to the police because she was worried about career repercussions. She continued to work with Weinstein professionally following the alleged rape.

Tomi-Ann Roberts, then a waitress and aspiring actress, met up with Weinstein at his hotel for an audition. Weinstein, nude, told her the role could include a topless scene so she should become comfortable "getting naked in front of him." She declined and left.

Dawn Dunning, also then a waitress and aspiring actress, was supposed to meet with Weinstein over dinner but was told to instead go to his hotel suite. On the coffee table were papers, which he told her were contracts that he would only sign if she had a threesome with him. When she declined, he told her, "You'll never make it in this business. This is how the business works."

Lucia Evans has accused Weinstein of forcing her to perform oral sex on him in his Miramax office in 2004.

Liza Campbell, a writer and artist, has accused Weinstein of repeatedly telling her to get into a bath with him in his hotel room. She refused and left.

Actress Eva Green said she had to "push" Weinstein off of her during a business meeting after he began "behaving inappropriately."

Sarah Anne Massie was interviewing for a nanny position for Weinstein's children. During the interview, which he conducted nearly nude, he allegedly hugged her while in his boxers and said "I love you," despite having just met her.

British actress Sophie Dix said Weinstein pushed her onto a bed, tried to take her clothes off and masturbated in front of her.Actress Melissa Sage said Weinstein invited her to his hotel room and asked for a massage. He refused to let her leave the room until she kissed him. She eventually obliged and then he let her leave. He told her, "Just do what I say, and you can get your way."

Former Weinstein Co. employee Lauren O'Connor said that Weinstein's behavior created a "toxic environment" for women at the company.

Former Weinstein Co. employee Laura Madden said Weinstein asked her for massages on multiple occasions.

Zelda Perkins, a former Weinstein Co. assistant, allegedly confronted Weinstein in 1998 to tell him to change his behavior or she'd go public. A Miramax lawyer allegedly successfully negotiated a settlement with her.

Louise Godbod, a nonprofit director, was allegedly trapped by Weinstein in an empty meeting room as he asked her for a massage and tried to physically stop her from exiting the room.

Vietnamese actress Vu Thu Phuong said Weinstein tried to "teach" her how to do sex scenes. She refused his advances, and her scenes were conveniently cut from the film she was supposed to appear in, she wrote on Facebook.

Massage therapist Juls Bindi said that Weinstein masturbated while groping her chest in 2010. She was 29 and had previously discussed a possible book deal with Weinstein Co.

Cynthia Burr, now 62, says she had an incident with Weinstein when she was a young actress in New York. He allegedly forced her to perform oral sex in a hotel hallway.