Women who dress 'sexier' appear more intelligent, study says

A new study by Dr. Alfredo Gaitan from the University of Bedfordshire has revealed that women who wear “sexier” clothing are seen as more intelligent.

A.k.a., it’s 2017 but women are still judged based on what they wear.

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Gaitan gathered 64 students with an average age of 21, and gave them two pictures of the same woman in two different outfits — one wore a low-cut top, mini skirt and jacket and the other donned a less revealing top and a longer skirt. Students were told to rank the two images in terms of faithfulness, job status, morality, personality, willingness to have sex, and intelligence. Cringe.

Contrary to previous studies, the results showed that the woman dressed in “sexier” clothing was perceived as more intelligent and more likely to be faithful than her conservatively dressed counterpart.

Obviously, these conservatively dressed women didn't make the photo cut.
Obviously, these conservatively dressed women didn’t make the photo cut.

There were no significant change in the other factors based on what the woman was wearing.

“Have attitudes changed so much that people are not making negative judgments based on a woman’s dress?” Gaitan said. “We think there are still negative attitudes out there, but perhaps people are seeing the sexy look more positively.”

While it’s a little refreshing to see the opposite of slut shaming occur, the more accurate result to the study should be that women can wear whatever they damn well please.

So ladies, rock a cleavage-baring top or a sweater — not because of how others will judge you for it — but because you’re comfortable and confident in it.

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