Woody Harrelson responds to viral baby lookalike: 'I just wish I had your hair'

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Woody Harrelson responds to viral baby lookalike: 'I just wish I had your hair'

They say everyone has a doppelgänger — but not everyone has a baby doppelgänger.

Woody Harrelson recently discovered his after coming across a viral tweet from Dani Grier Mulvenna, a mom in Northern Ireland who posted a photo of her 9-month-old baby, Cora.


Everett Collection Woody Harrelson in 'Zombieland'

Mulvenna's post featured a side-by-side comparison of the Zombieland actor and her daughter with the caption: "Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harreslon."

Thanks to Cora's uncanny similarity to Harrelson, the post blew up the Twitterverse, racking up more than 486,000 likes to date.

Mulvenna tweeted again a few days later, addressing the typo in Harrelson's name, saying, "Oh my god, it took me two days and 445k likes to realise my phone corrected Harrelson to Harreslon."

But the error didn't stop "Harreslon" himself from responding. In fact, the actor was so smitten by Cora's cheeky smile and shocking resemblance to him that he reposted the tweet to his Instagram and even wrote the cutie a poem.

His "Ode to Cora" went a little something like this:

You're an adorable child

Flattered to be compared

You have a wonderful smile

I just wish I had your hair

As you can see, Harrelson is an actor, not a poet. But still, the gesture was sweet — and now Cora will have a pretty amazing story to tell everyone when she's a little older.

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