Workers Are Worried About Europeans Tipping During the Las Vegas GP

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Vegas Workers Are Worried About F1 Fans TippingWADE VANDERVORT - Getty Images

With Formula 1's first attempt at a new Las Vegas Grand Prix just a couple of weeks away, Fox's local Las Vegas affiliate is reporting that hospitality workers around the city have voiced their concerns about massive expected crowds bringing disproportionately poor tips. Drivers, food service workers, and casino employees are concerned that European and other international visitors will either under-tip or not tip at all during their visit.

The GP is expected to be one of the biggest weekends in the history of the city, with one prediction from Applied Analysis projecting that the race will bring $1.3 billion dollars of revenue into the city. A similar report from the same firm about the upcoming Super Bowl in the same city projects that the football game will bring in only $600 million. That makes the race weekend an important one for hospitality workers expecting big tips from the big money circulating around the city, but workers are concerned that the more international crowd may not tip at all.

In a conversation with Fox 5 Vegas, Culinary Union Local 226 leader Ted Pappageorge has proposed two extra hours of pay for employees that would expect tips during the weekend, among other solutions. Taxi companies have already confirmed a $15 surcharge added to all fares throughout the race weekend, a pattern that could be implemented in other industries throughout the city to make up the difference for workers.

In an unrelated move, the Culinary Workers Union has announced plans to begin a strike if it does not reach a deal with major casinos in the area by November 10th. That date is five days before the race's opening ceremonies and just three months before the Super Bowl will come to the city, putting major pressure on casino owners to reach a deal quickly.

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