Worst bride ever? Woman's expletive-laced wedding rant takes 'bridezilla' to the extreme

Bride’s rant is going viral on Twitter after she requested that each guest pay $1,500 to attend her wedding (Photo via Pexels)

A Canadian woman is taking the term “bridezilla” to the next level after her Facebook wedding rant went viral — and even Chrissy Teigen can’t believe it.

The bride, known as Susan from Canada, had planned the $60,000 fairytale wedding of her dreams — and asked guests to pay a fee of $1,500 to attend. When may guests refused to fork over the cash, Susan lashed out, leaving her fiancé, and canceling the wedding.

The full rant was shared after a Twitter user saw the post on a private Facebook group.

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The nuptials were called off four days before the big day after the pair couldn’t afford to pay for the event they had booked. The woman took to Facebook to explain their decision, blaming guests for their broken relationship and failed ceremony.

Bride shares rant on Facebook blaming friends and family for the demise of her relationship and $60,000 wedding (Photo via Twitter)

Unfortunately, [fiancé] and I have broken up due to some recent and irreparable problems. We have decided to end our relationship and not go forth with any future proceedings,” she wrote in the post. 

“I specifically, I mean specifically, asked for cash gifts. How could we have our wedding that we dreamed of without proper funding? We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500. We talked to a few people who even promised us more to make our dream come true.”

In her post, Susan defended her desire for such a lavish ceremony.

“Since our love was like a fairytale, we wanted an extravagant blow out wedding… A local psychic told us to go with the most expensive option, and we thought why the hell not?” she wrote.

“We just needed a little push. Our dream wedding amounted to $60,000… All we asked was for a little help from our friends and family to make it happen… I mean seriously people, what is $1,000? What is $1,500? Clearly, not a lot. It would be quite manageable and within budget. I’ve heard of people asking for worse.”

Bride’s rant is going viral after she called off her wedding due to guests not paying $1,500 each to attend (Photo via Twitter)

When it became clear guests weren’t going to pay to attend the ceremony, the bride-to-be’s fiancé suggested eloping in Vegas to save money. Susan couldn’t believe his recommendation.

“I laughed in his face, but he was dead serious. He wanted those cheap, filthy, w**** like Vegas weddings. I mean WHAT the f***?? Was he out of his mind?” she wrote.

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“Am I some h**ch piece of f***ing trash, a hooker? Am I supposed to like the idea of getting married in the heart of shady gamblers, alcoholics, and the get rich fast fallacy? Suddenly, my body began to shake as I entered a panic attack.”

The Twitter thread has since gone viral, with more than 25,000 retweets and nearly 100,000 likes — and even has celebrities weighing in on the drama.

Susan reportedly used what funds she did receive for the wedding for a backpacking trip around South America — hopefully sans social media.

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