XO, Kitty Stars: Min Ho's 'Unexpected' Declaration Opens Kitty's Eyes to 'Whole Other Possibility'

Warning: The following contains spoilers through XO, Kitty‘s season finale. Proceed at your own risk!

Well, that’s going to be an interesting flight.

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Netflix’s XO, Kitty dropped a big surprise on its titular character in the Season 1 finale, when Kitty boarded her plane for home and found Min Ho, who was heading to Los Angeles, in the neighboring seat. He actually got a spot in Coach (gasp!) because he thought Kitty might need a friend, given that she’s facing expulsion and dealing with a breakup.

But Min Ho wasn’t feeling entirely platonic. In a bold move, especially considering the two were going to be stuck with each other for many, many hours on an airplane, Min Ho made a big declaration to Kitty: “I think I fell in love with you. A little bit. Or a lot.”

Min Ho’s feelings for Kitty have been growing ever since he had an unexpected dream about the two of them kissing. After that subconscious epiphany, “he was like, ‘Wait, do I have feelings for her? That’s weird.’ And then he kept on denying that fact,” his portrayer Sang Heon Lee shares with TVLine. As the two then evolved from enemies to sorta friends — Chuseok (aka “Korean Thanksgiving”) truly brings everyone together — “he realizes Kitty is not exactly the person who’s trying to disrupt the pond, but more like she’s also trying to become one of us.”

For Kitty, however, Min Ho’s declaration of love is “definitely unexpected,” says Anna Cathcart, who plays Kitty. “I was surprised and excited [while] reading the last episode. I was like, ‘No way! This is such an exciting ending.'”

As for how Kitty feels after hearing Min Ho drop the L word, “I think she’s kind of thrown off,” Cathcart describes, “and her eyes are going to open to a whole other possibility and a whole new door.”

Over the course of the season, Kitty has been navigating her relationship with boyfriend Dae and her own unexpected feelings for her female friend Yuri. When it comes to Min Ho, “she’s like, ‘Hold up, I didn’t even think about this.’ So it definitely wasn’t on Kitty’s mind,” Cathcart says. “I don’t think Min Ho is somebody that she’s fallen for in this season, but you never know. It’s a possibility, of course.”

Adds Cathcart: “I love that last scene. I think it’s so cute what happens, and I love the gesture that Min Ho is declaring [his love]. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, but I think it’s really sweet.”

XO, Kitty fans, are you ‘shipping Min Ho and Kitty? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the big declaration!

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